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Justyna Żyła showed an old photo of Piotr and his daughter and made wishes for Father's Day


Justyna Żyła celebrated Father's Day by placing on her Instagram an old photo of her ex-husband, Piotr Żyła, with a little girl, Karolina.

To all the dads, all the most wonderful – wrote a celebrity.


A father means more than a hundred teachers, "she added in the post.

One of the fans noticed that Justyna is good at caring about the children's relationship with her ex-husband:

It's beautiful that you take care of the relationship between father and son, "he wrote.

I'm trying, "Justyna commented.

The shocking entrance of Justyna Żyła on the subject of Piotr: How many times you HAPPEN in my face

Justyna and Piotr Żyłowie divorced at the end of last year. The Bielsko-Biała court ruled on the permanent collapse of their relationship. The couple shared the care of the children. In an interview with Plotka, Żyła said that children were accustomed to being away from their father's house – an athlete, and the separation of their parents did not affect their relationship.

In general, being the wife of an athlete who is not present most days of the year … It was not as if the children felt that he was gone. Piotrek sees them, we share the responsibilities as much as he can, because it is known that his profession is hard with time. I do not see them unhappy, "she said then.

Planica (Slovenia) 03/23/2014 Ski jump. World Cup of Ski Jumps. m / z. Piotr Zyla and Justyna Zyla. Fig. Irek Dorozanski / FORUM

play with: Piotr Żyła, SK :, photo: Piętka Mieszko / AKPA

scene with: Justyna Żyła, SK :, to Baranowski Michał / AKPA

scene with: Justyna Żyła, SK: ,, photo: Baranowski / AKPA

scene with: Justyna Żyła, SK :, photo: AKPA / AKPA

scene with: Justyna Żyła, SK :, photo: Jacek Kurnikowski / AKPA

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