Jarosław B. with unpaid drug charges for two people


Former soccer player Jarosław B. heard allegations of unpaid drugs for two people. This is the result of Wednesday's interrogation of a man who was arrested on Tuesday in Sopot about a crime against sexual freedom.

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This is similar to the scandal in which the image of the athletes in the city of Leicester suffered – says in a conversation with Fato, the lawyer Jaroslaw B., former lawyer Olga Jędraszko. A former soccer player was arrested on Tuesday in connection with an alleged offense against freedom.

Jarosław B. heard the allegations of combating drug addiction. As prosecutor Mariusz Duszyński said, it is about giving drugs to two adults – including the woman who made a complaint about sexual offense. As the RMF FM reporter heard, this topic is still relevant in the investigation. Jarosław B. told what happened in Sopot during the night from Friday to Saturday. He presented explanations that did not give rise to other accusations.

Investigators reveal no other details – they do not even tell what drugs are involved.

The prosecutor took Jaroslaw B. as police supervisor, barred him from contacting the witnesses on this issue and also applied to him a guarantee of PLN 20,000.

Jarosław B. was detained in connection with an incident that would occur at one of Sopot's hotels. A twenty-something woman who was supposed to meet a former soccer player reported a crime. His lawyer, in an interview with the journalist FM FM Kuba Kaługa, said that the woman is in poor physical and mental condition.

Wtime is under the care of relatives and a psychologist. The court heard the victim yesterday in the presence of the prosecutor and the expert. I do not know if the expert has reservations about the credibility of the testimony, but the simple detention of the perpetrator immediately after the actions may suggest what was his opinion. – said FM FM on Tuesday, lawyer Oskar Skibicki. The woman's lawyer added that her client had been examined by a doctor.

The other lawyer representing – Mateusz Dończyk – told the Polish news agency that his client had been raped and had been drugged before. The event would happen overnight, from Friday to Saturday, in one of Sopot's hotels.

According to unofficial information from our reporter, the case was secured hotel monitoring recordings.

Patroness Olga Jędraszko – Plenipotentiary of Jarosław B. – said in an interview with "Fakt" that the former player was stopped in a similar case to the scandal in which the image of the players of Leicester City had suffered.

The incident occurred in 2004. Three players were charged by three women with rape, who allegedly came to the grouping of their team. DNA samples did not confirm anything. The accusations were meant to extort money.

Olga Jędraszko did not rule out the possibility of committing a crime. Firstly, I would like to point out that Jarosław B. himself appeared at the police station in Sopot when he discovered the allegations against him. she emphasized. As she pointed out in an interview with Fakt's journalists, the charges against Jaroslaw B. are not based on the truth. She argued that she had "a lot of evidence that she intends to submit to the prosecutor's office."


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