Jamal Khashishviani's body was dissolved in acid?


Daily Hurriet Daily provided new information on Jamal Khashidhad's death. In an interview with journalists, Turkish adviser Yasin Aktay said they believed the body of the murdered journalist was divided into quarterly, then dissolved in acid. According to her estimation "The only logical explanation" the fact that Saudi murderers did not leave a mark. "The body of Khashodhiach has been crushed to make it easier to dissolve its remains," said Aktay. The BBC reports that no evidence has yet been submitted to confirm the thesis of the Turkish Registrar.

Khashodhyny's murder was planned

Istanbul Attorney General Irfan Fidan issued a formal statement Wednesday for killing a Saudi journalist. The document shows that Jamal Khashodhawi, who co-operated with the Washington Post, strangled the consulate within a short time. His body was chopped up and removed. The document was issued after Saudi Arabian prosecutor, Prince Mohammed bin Salman sent a multi-day check in Istanbul.

Earlier, the Saudi Arabian Prosecutor's Office formally confirmed that several days after several politicians repeated in the media – they planned to kill Jamal Khashodhawi. The Saudi-Turkish cell, which was set up to investigate a journalist's death, announced these findings in al-Ekhbariya television. They also confirmed that prosecutors hear suspects in this combined investigation. This information is important because, from the start of the scandal, Saudi Arabia's official position has refused to recognize the disappearance of Khashodhuli.

The official Saudi Arabian news agency also announced that the throne Prince Mohammed bin Salman convened the reform of national intelligence services at the first committee meeting on Thursday, 25 October. He was openly admitted that this was the effect of journalistic death. The latest statements by the Saudi Arabian party followed the announcement that CIA director Gina Hapel was listening to the tapes recorded during the killing of Khashodhawi. Recording should have been achieved by Turkish intelligence.


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