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The episode yesterday "The Voice of Poland" brought unexpected revelations. According to fans, Barbara Kurdej-Szatan expects a child! Pregnancy should be heard through the visible rounded belly of creation. Will the actress really get a second consolation? There is a comment from the interested person!

After the broadcast of yesterday's episode "The Voice of Poland" in the social profiles of Barbara Kurda-Satan, there were many comments with congratulations. Looking closely at the figure, the fans noticed rounding around the abdomen, which would indicate pregnancy. The fact that the actress expected a child was to underline the many confessions that Basia would like to wait for the second child.

Creation of pregnancy

Basia Kurdej-Satatan performed in the first episode with live performances in predatory stylization. The actress appeared in a small creation revealing her legs. Kurdej-Satan wore a gold sequined dress. The whole was complemented by long black boots and delicate makeup. However, neither the exposed legs nor the bright jacket dress attracted the attention of the fans, and the belly softly rounded. This was emphasized by a tight creation. For many, it meant one thing – the actress is finally pregnant. That's why, immediately after the end of the episode of "The Voice of Poland," Barbara's social media profiles were congratulated and speculated.

"Beautiful explosion," "Szatanek is probably pregnant," "Mrs. Basieńko, probably under this beautiful dress, you hide something." Vigilant eyes look, and they look good … they congratulate! "" Or something is hidden under this jacket, or so it goes "," I thought I just see "," You look beautiful in pregnancy "," Basia 2 in 1? "," I just noticed that somehow the lack of recoil in the waist and side, as it shows, yes something seems fuller, "" On the shore, a little Satan will appear soon, "" If you let this child congratulate you ! "" Undoubtedly, Basia, some have changed, "" Or the clothes are so thick or something is … "- wrote cheerfully fans

For quick joy

Kurdej-Satan, who actively leads his profiles in social media, can not leave many congratulations without comment. However, instead of the expected confirmation of the cheerful news, the actress shared a funny comment, meaning that a rounded belly had to be the result of at most a full meal or a poorly adjusted dress.

"No pregnancy … I did not pull anything or stomach, Jesus, I must lose weight -" Chicago "- she wrote, thus dissipating all doubts and cooling the emotions of hopeful fans.

Thoughts on Pregnancy

Sudden rumors about Barbara Kurda-Satan's pregnancy certainly fuel the actress's comments about the rise of the family. The Joasia series has already made it clear that she and her husband, Rafał Szatan, would like to wait for their second child. The daughter of a couple, Hania, 6, also has her share, which often asks her parents when she has siblings.

"Hania almost every day asks when she's going to have a brother or a little sister, and she's right, because it's time to think about the next child, now I feel good, I'm going to do research soon and I'm in touch with the doctors. is a contraindication to getting pregnant "- she confessed her time in conversation with" Flash "magazine. In her conversation with "Viva!", She confessed that "she would like to be a mother for the second time", and also that it is a dream of her and her husband. "Maybe this will happen soon," she said then.


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