However, Galaxy Fold will not work. Folded smartphones withstood tests one day


We have been waiting for the Samsung-saved smartphone for several years. During this time, there were no leaks in the network announcing that Koreans could revolutionize the increasingly annoying smartphone market. We knew of some details during the announcement of a phone in San Francisco in November, and the presentation of the device occurred three months later, on the occasion of the launch of the Galaxy S10 flagship.

Still, more questions than answers remained. We do not know all the details about the first composition of the Koreaczykw smartphone. A persistent question mark remains the persistence of the screen. All the more so, in the case of two other mobile smartphones (Huawei Mate X and Royole FlexPai), which we occasionally take on hand, the monitors are external.

Samsung Galaxy FoldSamsung Galaxy Fold Samsung photo

After months of waiting, the smartphone will go to selected reviewers in the US. Unfortunately, the first reactions are definitely negative. Several journalists who test the smartphone already have serious problems with the flexible AMOLED panel.

Samsung's compiled smartphones lasted one day, played two

In the midst of his experiences with Galaxy Fold, Dieter Bohn, editor-in-chief of The Verge. Bohn, the first problems with the screen of a particular phone can be found after the first day of use. On the surface of the screen, a bulge appeared initially and, a bit later, a line of bright white pixels.

Similar comments were made by Mark Gurman, a Bloomberg journalist. In the case of a copy, the screen will no longer display the contents after two days of use.

Another of the reviewers who received a copy for testing is Steve Kovach of CNBC. In this case, the phone screen will stop after only one day of testing. The problem will again appear in the most critical place – in the range.

What happened to the smartphones that Samsung will give to journalists for testing? Koreaczycy as time has stated that Galaxy Fold will undergo strength tests, meanwhile, the above images. Is it possible to find the most somber scenario that Samsung designers could have imagined?

Samsung Translators: It's the reviewers' fault

American journalists confirmed on the same day that Samsung will react quickly and replace the Galaxy Foldw test copies with new ones. Shortly thereafter, Koreaczycy sent the editors The Verge the following statement.

A limited number of initial copies of the Galaxy Fold smartphone have been provided to the media for review. We've received several notifications about the primary view on these smartphones. We will carefully examine these parts to determine the causes of the problems.

Separately, several reviewers removed the top layer of the monitor causing damage. The main screen has a thick protective layer, which is part of the panel designed to protect the screen from unintentional scratches. Removal of the protective layer or bonding may cause damage. We ensure that this information is reviewed for our customers.

Samsung claims that the film covering the screen should not break, and some people did. And, in fact, some users admit that the protective layers are removed by themselves. Damaged this way Galaxy Fold tested by the popular youtuber Marques Brownlee can be seen below:

The movie itself looks like this:

It turns out that Samsung really warns against breaking the movie from the phone screen. The problem is that only some reviewers get this information. The others did not know it in the box, which proves that the films were taken from the device.

This should not happen at all

However, it is difficult not to blame the Korean company. In some photos featuring the Galaxy Folda, it may be noted that the above-mentioned top layer of the display resembles protective sheets supplied with new phones. Users accustomed to take them on "standard" smartphones, in the case of Samsung's "shopping establishment", can damage the product immediately after removal from the box.

As the protective film can not be removed, Samsung should prevent it in the production phase of the phone. The layer must be connected so that the user can not get rid of it without opening the case. An additional benefit would be to improve the appearance of the main screen.

The solution is even more surprising because in the case of the Huawei smartphone – with which we have an opportunity to spend a few moments – similar problems do not occur.

An even bigger slide from Samsung is that not all damaged copies have been ripped from the protective film. And on those smartphones the screens also break down after a dozen hours of fun. Therefore, it is not that the problems were caused only by the reviewers.

Galaxy Fold (not the Royole prototype device) is the first smartphone shown. Samsung has been a visitor with high hopes. Soon after the November announcement, Koreaczycy revealed that by the beginning it would produce one million copies of the mobile phone, and every year it would launch its next generation.

The first batch costing 1980 dollars (and in Europe 2000 euros) the smartphone was sold very quickly. At the time the smartphone is unavailable, you can only register on the waiting list. However, if Samsung wants customers to be satisfied with the purchase, they should deal with the problem as soon as possible.


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