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Belts winning

2019-04-04 22:09:46

Comrak Krakow beat the GKS Tychy by 3: 1 on their own ice and after two games in the final is a 1: 1 draw. Miroslav Kopřiva, who defended 28 of 29 strokes, presented himself from the best side.

I have the impression that we slept the first 30 minutes of this game. We do not play as aggressively as Tychy and we do not create many situations. The play-offs are determined by details, the layout of the day and today was – he said Filip KomorskiGKS medium.

The Krakow, starting with the previous meeting, began bravely and aggressively. The effect was that they managed to leave for the lead in the second 73, using a number of tyszan errors. Mark Tvrdoň entered the list of top scorers, who used a good pass for Emil Švec and surprised John Murray with a blow in the long corner.

Belts had a good opportunity to take the lead as a ball coming in from the left 7 minutes into the match, Jaakko Turtiainen broke with the visitors, but the draw after the Finnish wing's shot stopped on the post.

GKS Tychy has long sought a way to dismantle the extremely cohesive defense of Krakow. At 11 minutes, the tricolor team won the fight for the band, and Mateusz Gościński played the blue line for Michael Kolarza. The 31-year-old defender threw the disc in the goal and completely surprised the blind Miroslav Kopřivá.

However, the hosts were not very worried about this and regained the lead before the end of the first edition. Gum Drzewiecki intercepted the chewing gum, and Kasper Bryniczka placed him among the tyke's trojans.

It seems that the tricolor from the start of the second edition will play aggressively and will do everything to level as fast as possible. In the 24th minute they created a great opportunity. Alexander Szczechura, Mateusz Bryk and Gleb Klimienko brilliantly changed the requirements. The latter's hit in his only known path was championed by Miroslav Kopřiva and tyszan's dreams to achieve the draw goal they took.

Later, Filip Komorski and Jakub Witecki shot the arrows, but the passerby of "Pasów" could not be defeated. It must be admitted, however, that the accusations of Rudolf Roháček were simply better. They were more dangerous in attack, better organized in destruction. They liked their forchecking and backchecking verification game.

In the third part of the training team, the tyszan decided to rebuild the formations. Jakub Witecki was next to Alex Szczechura and Michał Ciche, Filip Komorski was put in formation with Soil de Klimt and Alexei Jefimenko, and Jaroslaw Rzeszutko played with Tomáš Sïkra and Andri Michnov.

But that did not help much. The guests looked for different solutions, but on the offensive it was like after December. Less than three minutes before the end of the meeting, coach Andrej Husau put everything on a card and knocked down John Murray's goal, thus strengthening the attack power. However, this risky maneuver did not bring the desired effect in the form of a goal of leveling. His players lost the puck, and Mateusz Bepierszcz put him on an empty goal.

A moment later, Michal Vachovec upset Andrija Michnov and this time the Tashians played in the six on the field against the four Cracovians, but they did nothing.

Krakow County – GKS Tychy 3: 1 (2: 1, 0: 0, 1: 0)

1: 0 – Marek Tvrdoň – Emil Švec (01:13),

1: 1 – Michael Kolarz – Mateusz Gościński (10:50),

2: 1 – Kasper Bryniczka – Filip Drzewiecki (19:34),

3: 1 – Mateusz Bepierszcz – Kamil Kalinowski (57:56, 5/6, for the empty goal)

judges: Przemysław Kępa, Tomasz Radzik (principal) – Mateusz Bucki, Piotr Matlakiewicz (liner).

Minutes of penalty: 8-6.

Hit: 29-29

resume: 23-35.

spectators: about 2,400.

Competition status (up to four wins): 1: 1
Other game: on Sunday in Tychy (18:15).

Krakow: Kopřiva – Kruczek, Czarnaok (2); Turtiainen, Kalinowski, Kapica – Rompkowski, Noworyta; Csamangó, Vachovec (2), Bepierszcz – Jáchym, Jáchym; Švec, Domogała, Tvrdoň (4) – Gajor; Drzewiecki, Bryniczka, Zygmunt and Brynkus.

Coach: Rudolf Roháček

GKS: Murray – Pociecha, Ciura; Klimienko, Cichy, Szczechura-Górny, Bryk; Jefimienko (2), Rzeszutko (2), Gościński-Kolarz, Kotlorz; Sýkora, Komorski (2), Michnow – Bizacki; Jeziorski, Galant, Witecki.

Coach: Andrej Husau



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