Grzegorz Krychowiak: I do not see any problem to play in the middle of the defense


The line of defense of the Polish national team, with which it cooperates closely Grzegorz Krychowiakhas undergone a significant change in recent months. A representative career ended its pillar, that is, Łukasz Piszczek. Other injury prevented Kamil Glik arrival at a training camp in Tri-City. The hotel Sopot on Saturday also left – due to the injury of the left ankle joint – Artur Jędrzejczyk.

– It's definitely difficult to replace a player like Łukasz Piszczek, who played in this team for a long time, and has now resigned from the performances. These are frequent changes caused by injuries and other causes, attempts, not only tactics, but also competitors. The coach is forced to do so. To build a solid defense, you need time, many minutes on the field. This is a process that will bring results every match, not only in the position of the four defenders, but also of the whole team – explains Grzegorz Krychowiak.

Twice the winner of the Europa League with Sevilla thinks that from Thursday's game with the Czech Republic, much of this representation can change for the better.

"I think at that moment, after that match with the Czech Republic, we have that basis, base. We played previous games in a completely different set, diverging from a good or bad configuration. Although the match with the Czech Republic was not good because we lost in the end but he showed us that there are basics that we should follow. You have to work on the mistakes we made. There are stumbling blocks in us, which can easily be erased by the video analysis itself – says the player who left Arki Gdynia's French team for the French league.

What exactly is this?

– It is mainly about the movement around the field, about communication, about the distance between particular formations. If there are bad distances between the lines of defense and help, you get the impression that the team does not defend itself so well. And that was our strength a few years ago – complements the popular "Krycha".

A seasoned midfielder, who made his debut in the Polish national team during Leo Beenhakker's tenure, is convinced Robert Lewandowski's lack of points has little impact on the national team's results.

"I do not think it's a problem." Of course, I realize this is frustrating for the attacker when he does not score goals. But the best period the band played very well, especially in Euro 2016, was the period in which Robert did not photograph. This game, struggling, creating situations for other attackers allowed us to score goals from other players, Arka Milik, Kuba Błaszczykowski and Kamil Grosicki. Robert does not have to score goals, so we know how good and necessary a player is. Of course, I wish you many goals. I think we're going to start playing when we focus mainly on defense. This defense will bring us positive results – emphasizes the athlete of 28 years.

He is convinced that very little is needed to improve the climate around our representation. According to Krychowiak, football is about details that often decide the end result.

"I realize it takes time to get started. On the other hand, we can not now look for excuses so that this period does not last very long. I think they are good and positive times. Especially in the game with the Czech Republic when the team was working well. However, simple mistakes also happen to us. And then, looking from the perspective of the whole game, there is disgust. By eliminating these small mistakes, details that decide on winning or not, we will return to the right path and begin to win and start playing as expected from us – adds Grzegorz Krychowiak.

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