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Since Poland's accession to the EU, our largest trading partner is Germany; in 2018, exports to the Oder accounted for 28.2%. Polish exports and imports – 22.4%. – results of Monday's CSO data. The surplus in turnover with Germany reached 11.6 billion euros last year.

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The CSO provided the so-called temporary data on the turnover of foreign trade in total and by country in the period from January to December 2018. This shows that throughout the year 2018 Poland had a negative balance in foreign trade – the deficit in trade in goods with foreign countries amounted to EUR 5.1 billion. It was noted that the dynamics of imports surpassed the growth rate of exports.

"Exports expressed in EUR amounted to EUR 221.0 billion and imports to EUR 226.1 billion (increase of exports by 7.0% and imports by 9.7%). The negative balance amounted to EUR 5.1 billion positive balance – EUR 0.5 billion in the corresponding period of 2017 "- we read in the statement from the statistical office.

According to the information, Poland has the largest share of total exports with developed countries – 87.0%. (including 80.4% in the EU) and 65.5% in imports. (including the EU 58.3%), compared to 86.6%, respectively. (including 80.0% in the EU) and 67.7%. (including 60.4% of the EU) in the same period of 2017. The CSO draws attention to the fact that the high turnover of developed countries in trade in goods is affected by the high turnover of the EU.

"In the period January-December 2018 among Poland's main trading partners, there was an increase in exports and imports to all the top ten countries of our partners, with the exception of Italy in export" – it was written.

The Office emphasizes that since Poland's accession to the EU, Germany is our largest trading partner in exports and imports. Poland's second largest commodity market is the Czech Republic and the third is the United Kingdom.

"Germany's share of exports increased by 0.7 percentage points compared to the same period in 2017 and reached 28.2% and imports decreased by 0.7 percentage points to 22.4%. PLN 49,5 billion (USD 13,7 billion, EUR 11,6 billion) against PLN 39,0 billion (EUR 10,2 billion, EUR 9,1 billion) in the corresponding period of 2017.

According to the Central Statistical Office, turnover with the top ten of our trading partners accounted for 66.8% of exports. against 66.2 percent. in the same period of 2017, and in total imports – 64.7%. compared to 65.7%. from January to December 2017.

Besides Germany, the countries we most import are China – 11.6%. participation in imports – and in Russia. "Russia's share of imports increased by 1.0 pp over the same period in 2017 and constituted 7.4%." – informed the Central Statistical Office.

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