Gąsowski in his face sounds familiar played with the Godlewski sisters


PPiotr Gąsowski's jokes often punch even Charles Strasburger's biscuits. But the actor and host of "His face sounds familiar" sometimes gets overwhelmed by something funny and something that viewers of Saturday's episode of the Polsat show witnessed. Announcing the performance of one of the participants, Gąsowski ironically toyed with the Godlewski sisters.

Godlewski sisters, is it possible they do not like the great popularity of the Poles, but to compare them immediately to a mob or a monstrous family? It was what he did during the last episode of the show, "His face sounds familiar" by his presenter Piotr Gąsowski.

The actor has the habit of announcing each participant with a humorous insertion. Once he gets better, sometimes worse, but he clearly overstated last Saturday. Announcing the next performance, he picked up his monologue on the Godlewskie sisters.

– There are families that are better off staying away: the Adams family, the Corleone family … Godlewskie sisters – Gąsowski joked with the announcement of the performance of Elżbieta, who played the Osbourny-Kelly family member.

Netizens did not leave Gąsowski's words without comment. They discussed their food on Facebook and Twitter. Some of them had fun, others were outraged. In the end, the Godlewskie sisters are not just kitsch songs and commemorative drama. One of them also runs a cosmetology clinic. Also, according to Gąsowski, do people have to "stay away"?


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