Farmers will receive money for non-agricultural activities


Funding applications will be accepted from 29 October to 30 November.

The amount of the subsidy will depend on how many additional jobs the farmer will create as part of his new activity.

In the case of creating one – the bonus is 150 thousand. PLN, with two rises to 200 thousand. PLN, and for three up to 250 thousand. PLN.

Tax benefit for the purchase of an apartment. The Ministry does not abandon the idea

Both people who are starting their business for the first time and those who have suspended or ended their business activities in the 24 months prior to submitting their order can apply.

Those who already run their business in the interior, but want to expand to a new modality, can also apply for financing.

Subsidized activities include: sale of non-agricultural products, repair of motor vehicles, construction, retail, hairdressing, handicrafts, handicrafts, accommodation and tourist facilities, food services, assistance to children or the elderly or disabled, as well as veterinary activities, IT, architecture and accounting.

People who will receive a scholarship, 70%. the bonus amounts must be spent on investments in fixed assets, for example, the purchase of new machinery and equipment, means of transport or equipment. The remaining 30 percent. can be used for current expenses related to running a business.



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hahahahaaSorry, the new standard tractor without equipment costs PLN 250,000 net.

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they harmAs the name of the office suggests, it has existed since the liquidation of Polish agriculture. Modernization = modernization, restructuring = … read everything

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