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Fame MMA 3 REPLAY Godlewska vs Linkiewicz. First round knockout

Ladies went to battle in very brave clothes, which they gave before the fight. Linkiewicz, however, dominated the octagon very quickly. After a few ineffective blows, Monika Godlewska turned into a clinch and then fell on the boards. At that time, Linkiewicz began to feel pity for his pity without mercy. The organizers stopped the fight and recognized Linkiewicz's superiority by technical knockout.

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It seems that after the fight the emotions of the press conferences disappeared and the ladies came to an agreement. In the octagon, there was no insult or black pudding. After the fight, there were hugs for that.

– Bad energy from the conference did not change to octagon. @linkimaster dominated by @esmeralda_godlewska In the end, both players proved their respect after the fight – we read in FB Fame MMA

Netizens, however, accuse the party organizers that the fight was not honest. Some of them think that Linkiewicz should be disqualified by blows on the back of the head.

– One of the seconds gives 3 strokes in the back of the head and there is no disqualification and technical knockout, where did you get those judges?

"Godlewska gets a lot of head and the judge looks like. The referee in the ring is as good as the referee outside the ring. There were problems with them before, but you did nothing.

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9. Szymon "Isamu" Kasprzyk vs. Daniel "DeeJayPallaside" Pawlak

In a moment, the fight begins the night between Isamu and DeeJay.

This is definitely the most interesting fight of the night! The first round was completely downstairs! Isamu controlled his course, he used more and more interesting tricks, but DeeJay detached himself excellently, among others from the triangle and lever placed at the elbow.

The second round also unfolded downstairs, but it was definitely boring. There was no spectacular action, and Isamu in the dosiadz slowly marked the opponent.

End of the fight, everything indicates that he won Isamu!

"You must have balls to get out of here and I was a bit surprised that DeeJay is so strong," says Isamu after winning the fight.

Isamu wins the fight of the night!

8. Dawid "Malczyński" Malczyński vs Amadeusz "Ferrari" Roślik
The fight between Malczyński, the title defender and Ferrari is the beginning of the middleweight belt.

The first round could not really be if it were not for the hint. Most of the time, little was happening, only 20 seconds. until the end Malczynski brought a series of punches, in which the Ferrari stumbled.

The second round happened on the ground floor! Most of the time Malczynski prevailed there. Although initially his behavior was quite passive, later he covered the enemy with a shower of blows. At the end of the Ferrari, he was at the top, but he did not take advantage of that opportunity and scored weakly.

Malczyński in the final round hits the liver of the Ferrari very accurately, the fight seems to be decided.

Malczynski wins the points! Thus, defends the title of the championship.

7. Marta "Linkimaster" Linkiewicz vs. Monika "Esmeralda" Godlewska
Before us, start the most anticipated fight tonight! Marta Linkiewicz and Monika Godlewska enter the Octagon.

The first to enter the cage was Monika "Esmeralda" Godlewska. It's definitely not the public's favorite. Godlewska will fight full and very strong.

Atlas "Linkimaster" Linkiewicz, patoinfluencerka of Warsaw, appeared in the Atlas Arena in Łódź.

"His aggressiveness and very combative character may be the key to success," says Marek Hoffman.

Linkiewicz brought Godlewska to the dance floor! Marta attacks her opponent with flails!

Linkimaster wins by first round technical knockout!

6. Piotr "Bonus BGC" Witczak vs. Szymon "Taxi Złotów" September
When he entered the ring, Złotów received a funeral wreath. It is not known if it is a gift from your sponsor – A.S. Bytom – there is a clear message from the bonus fans!

Bonus 128 kg, Złotów 112 kg – the advantage is significant. The fans are definitely on the side of the bonus.

There is an interval between consecutive fights, Sarius performs onstage. After the concert, one of the stars of the FMA BGC Bonus MMA will enter the octagon.

"Players use incredible techniques, even those that have no name," says Marek Hoffman live.

Bonus after the first round reported an injury and lay on the mat!

"I'm afraid his arm was not ready for the blows even in the air," Hoffman adds.

The fight is over! Through surrender, Złotów wins.

– Bonus! Bonus! Bonus! – sang bitter public.

"The bonus is a hero we do not deserve," says surfers.

5. Filip "Filipek" Marcinek vs. Patryk "fish" Karaś
The first round was confirmed. Karaś brought many knees to Filipek's head, but the round was not spectacular.

In the second part of the fight, Filipek began to work and went to attack. The decision will only be brought by the third round, at a time when the fight seems to be tied.

After a very balanced duel in points, the Fish wins unanimously!

4. Adrian "Polak" Polański vs Kasjusz "Don Kasjo" Życiński
The Pole only joins after two weeks of preparation, because the previous opponent Kasia had to withdraw from the competition due to injury. Is it enough to defeat Kasujsza, who fought in professional boxing?

The first round brought a sharp exchange on the collar. Clearly, however, the advantage of growth, weight and experience on the side of the Kasujsza is clearly visible.

In the second round the fight went to the ground floor to the detriment of the Polish. He got out of trouble efficiently, and with the last of his strength he took the round to the end.

Cassius already started to attack early in the third round. The Boxer scored a Polish with each following stroke.

After three rounds, the Polish won the points! The verdict of the judges is completely incomprehensible. Cassius had the whole fight, dominated every second and had many knockout opportunities.

"I do not recognize that result. Perhaps these struggles are governed by the principle that if someone gets strong blows to their heads, they get a point. I do not know where the judges got it – Cassius thundered after the fight.

3. Krystian "Krycha" Wilczak vs. Bartek "Ruby" Brzezinski
The first round and technical knockout! Krycha applies a knee to Ruby's face and wins!

"From the beginning I wanted to keep my head cool, watch my opponent and not catch fire. I got some punches, a knee bump and managed to finish this fight in the first round – said Krycha, who won his second fight in the MMA Fame.

2. FIGHT – Krzysztof "Bodychrist" Ciesielski vs Marcin "Mnich Terminator" Wójcik
Heavyweight officials are already in the ring. The fight will start soon!

It is clearly visible that the two biggest problems are created by … your carcass. The first round did not bring many spectacular actions.

"Bodychrist is constantly losing his guard," Marek Hoffman noted with precision, commenting on the gala.

At the beginning of the second round the referee stopped the fight! Bodychrist was injured after kicking the opponent.
Monk Terminator wins!

After the fight, Terminator expressed the hope that in one of the next clashes Złotów would win with Bonus.

1. FIGHT – Kamil "Hassi" Hassan vs Maksymilian "Wiewiór" Wiewiórka
Hassi started the first round with a strong kick but the squirrel quickly took him downstairs!

At the beginning of the fight, Hassi dominated the booth, showing off his karate skills. However, the Wiewior was predominant on the ground floor. Hassan looks better after the first round.

Since the beginning of the second round, the squirrel looks like the oxygen is about to end. However, he brought a fight to the ground and dominates this confrontation. Maks put himself in the Dosiad and for several tens of seconds he hit the opponent in the head, but the next round did not bring any solution.

The fight ended after a total distance of three rounds! No doubt Wiewiór won the points!

– Hassi surprised me with nothing, but he hit my liver successfully, I fought practically without oxygen, but I managed to win – said the winner.

Fame MMA 3 online. Where to watch on Youtube?

Update: 16.30
FAME MMA 3: Conference before the live match

Live Stream Godlewska vs Linkiewicz. I live on the internet

Fame MMA 3Linkiewicz vs Godlewska – unquestionable success

Without a doubt, the biggest success of MMA 3's fame will be the fight between Marta "Linkimaster" Linkiewicz and Monika "Esmeralda" Godlewska. The first is called patoinfluencerką. On the Internet, she became famous for a movie about last night on hip hop coach Rae Sremmurd.

– I was scared of it, I was scared and I was dragging – said Marta Linkiewicz in the recording, which after this concert in 2016 ran all over the network. The teenager emphasized that she is proud of herself and does not regret everything. With the rest of today, he is famous for the promiscuous and festive lifestyle he presents in his social media.

Monika Godlewska is for this part of the duet known as Godlewskie Sisters, which became famous for quite controversial hits published on youtube.

Everyone knows you like to have a full mouth, then paws, you have blood sausage – Monika Godlewska said during the last press conference, and then threw the blood sausage in the direction of your opponent. As you can see, the fight promises to be really sharp.

Fame MMA 3 online. Where to watch on Youtube?

Fame MMA stars

– In the fight of the night you will see Isamu who will face DeeJayPallaside. In addition, watch the master FAME 2 – Dawid Malczyński, who will defend the belt in a duel with Amadeusz "Ferrari" Roślik – announced the organizers.

The next star of the MMA Fame 3 will be Piotr "Bous BGC" Witczak. It will not be your first octagon fight. The previous bonus, unfortunately, lost. Now he will be looking for luck by crossing the gloves with Szymon "Taxi Złotówą" Wrześniem.

Also interesting is the confrontation of hip hop freestylers – Filipek and Ryby. For both players, it will be a debut in Fame MMA.

Battle card or night program

  • Kamil "Hassi" Hassan vs Maksymilian "Wiewiór" Wiewiórka
  • Krzysztof "Bodychrist" Ciesielski vs Marcin "Mnich Terminator" Wójcik
  • Krystian "Krycha" Wilczak vs. Bartek "Ruby" Brzezinski
  • Adrian "Polak" Polański vs Kasjusz "Don Kasjo" Życiński
  • Filip "Filipek" Marcinek vs Patryk "fish" Karaś
  • Piotr "Bonus BGC" Witczak vs. Szymon "Taxi Złotów" September
  • Marta "Linkimaster" Linkiewicz vs. Monika "Esmeralda" Godlewska
    Dawid "Malczyński" Malczyński vs Amadeusz "Ferrari" Roślik
    Szymon "Isamu" Kasprzyk vs Daniel "DeeJayPallaside" Pawlak

Stream live online and broadcast Fame MMA 3

Broadcast live event Fame MMA 3 You can watch through the PPV system. Access to the broadcast is available at www.famemma.com. Broadcast price FAMA MMA 3 in the cheapest package, PLN 19.99.

The Gala at the Atlas Arena in Łódź starts at 20.


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