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Despite the fact that the debut of Fallout 76 remained half a week, thanks to its beta version, the first fashion for the title has already appeared on the network. Even without the lack of official support from developers, fans have already successfully changed textures and other small items. This raises concerns about the potential ease of using cheats in the game.

Until the debut Fallout 76, scheduled for November 14, was a week and a half. Despite this, the first modifications of the game have already appeared on the network. All of this is due to the beta version of the game, which was released on PCs on October 30 and is only active at developer-designated times. The first fashions that were loaded into the NexusMods service in ultra-fast time introduce purely aesthetic changes, such as the ability to paint a character's hair for unconventional colors. We will also replace some textures or graphics representing the world map.

Fashion for now is limited to simple cosmetic changes - Fallout 76 - the first fashion for the game appeared on the net - news - 2018-11-04

For now, fashion is limited to simple cosmetic changes

It should be noted that Bethesda has officially announced Fallout 76 will receive support for modifications only at the end of next year, and you can only use them on private servers. So, what miracle players were able to instantly find a way to edit game files? The answer to this question was found by Eurogamer, who contacted several moderates. It turns out that the fans used only the tools and editors that were created with the thought of Fallout 4. As for the format and mode of operation of the configuration files, both games are practically no different from each other, which is confirmed by the last controversy related to the physics of objects in Fallout 76. In the future, players can also expect mods to replace music or 3D models. Due to the nature of the game network, however, we should not expect comprehensive modifications that strongly interfere with the game world.

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The presence of unofficial mods in the game also paves the way for all sorts of scams and abuse. The models asked about this have not ruled out that soon we will hear hackers using gates, for example, unlocking access to objects and weapons. Of course, for now we are dealing with a beta version of the game. We do not know how Bethesda will respond to the changes in the full version of the production and will fight them.

Modifications can potentially be used for all types of scams - Fallout 76 - the first fad for the game appeared on the net - news - 2018-11-04

Modifications can also be used for all types of blows

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