Fallout 76 – Country Roads, take me home … that is, impressions of B.E.T.Y.


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MichaƂ Grabowski

… for Fallout, whom I loved.

It is difficult to speak of a great deception, because from the beginning one knew what Fallout 76 go. The flesh and blood drama of speech was simply not present, and the whole was more like a multiplayer module for Fallout 4. Like survival, nuclides and cooperation in the background.

Fallout 76 is a prequel to all previous games in the series, in which players try to find themselves in the new reality only after leaving shelter 76 in West Virginia and … so much. Possibly one of the new players will try to compliment the right hand warning and discourage it with subsequent attempts to disappear behind the hill.

And you could say that The whole Fallout 76 action is actually based on going from point to point, shooting at opponents and meeting other players from time to time. There is certainly a feature line in which we are looking for more traces of the "seventy-six" supervisor, but it is difficult to call it something worth paying special attention to. If this is how you move into the wasteland by dumping all of the task-related tags, Fallout 76 becomes a collection simulator, where you occasionally come to defend your belongings from other can collectors or those who arrive with a visit unexpected.

No doubt right now there is no main goal in Fallout 76, which encourages people to steer the next levels, visit places or perform tasks. Bethesda plays the player in the big world, who finally has little to offer. In addition to pleasant views, "fedex missions" and events that can get tired after a few hours of intense exploration, it is useless to look for depth here. You can try out several new recipes for new gadgets, favorite clothes or build fortifications just to have a better chance of survival … but there is nothing else behind it. As far as I understand the idea behind the idea "all human units in the game are players" and even that in wastes, foreboding, empty, the world does not try to encourage the player to seek new challenges. Bring five flowers, protect the spot from attack by mutant dogs, insert tape where necessary, and so on non-stop.

If it were not for the fact that I had the opportunity to play on the team in Fallout 76, then boredom would probably take me much faster. All the more so, even as a sniper, he looks very pale by moving rigidly what we deal with in the four. The issue is, of course, facilitated by the V.A.T.S. system, which works in real time, enumerating our chances of being hit.. Ultimately, however, it all boils down to pressing two buttons at the right time – one that is responsible for tracking and the other for a shot. Although at one point an interesting member after using one of the S.P.E.C.I.L.L cards, I did not see the need to use it by eliminating another ghoul in the city. Until we remembered the good old days of the shooters on the rails, where it was enough to squeeze the trigger every now and then, leaning behind the covers. After all, Fallout 76 is fairly common as a shooter, unless you're accustomed to what the previous version of the series has offered you – then you'll feel at home, although the whole is based on shooting hordes of enemies, it's difficult to talk about getting used to it. At some point, everything just bores.

For the needs of Fallout 76, S.P.E.C.I.A.L. he was also subjected to a certain experiment, in which for each level obtained, the player receives a deck of cards for any use according to his level. It is likely that someone likes this randomness, because it brings with it some unpredictability and forces the player to combine and get the best of a given situation. On the other hand, all this randomness may mean we'll have to wait for some more rare cards, or maybe we will not see them at all. Ultimately, it all boils down to one thing – a farm, a farm and once again a farm. And if possible, two cents of happiness, we would get what we would get from the set.

As for the other players, surprisingly, the problems with them were not great. Although I expected to get the fifth level of oppression at every step, as I was leaving, I was somewhere out of the ordinary path and was looking through my Pip-Boy. While I always thought that maybe I got a series on my back, I did not really care about that. Several times, even accidentally, someone was hit during the fight with monsters, but in the end no one had plans to blur me on the asphalt just because V.A.T.S. he decided to change the priority of the perpetrators. The only question is, how securely will the sense of security begin to fall? After all, it's sometimes hard to explain the accidental launch of Mini-Nuke on another player …

Graphically, the whole presents differently – sometimes great and all the time you want to take more photos, and sometimes textures that are illegible are dazzling. Likewise, there are several bugs and flaws that you can easily attain. As for the age problem of children, used by the Bethesda motor and betting, we will see after the debut. Let's hope some of them are upgraded on opening day or in the mean time when the great adventure with Fallout 76 begins. A great advantage, however, for Radio Apallachia – many good songs known from previous episodes of the series make a great job .

In a sense, Bethesda keeps her word Fallout 76 is a spin-off that targets a completely different player than the previous series. The one who likes survival games like RUST or ARK, and by the way, would like to play at an amusement park called "West Virginia" where he can play his chosen role – you can play with a gun dealer, cook, thug or member of the local police departments. The problem is not so much that Fallout 76 is not "enough" (because it will always be in the eyes of fans of previous scenes), but rather problems, which also plagued previous editions of the series created by Bethesda. In addition, there is virtually no important goal that encourages players to advance to the challenges after reaching the maximum level of experience. I'm afraid exploring the great world in post-nuclear America, beloved by millions of players, with the accompaniment of John Denver's Country Roads, will not be enough to catch you any longer. Even when other players are following up.

The rest will depend on what Bethesda has prepared for the next few months or even years. What content will be available in updates and if you can count on multiple events. Is it only possible to convince the unconditional Fallout fans that it's worth reaching after Fallout 76? This can be an incredibly difficult task.


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