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To say that the Germans in the Italian courts are going like a storm, say nothing. On Friday night, Stefan Kuntz's protégés proved again that they should count on the fight for the final triumph. In fact, only a cataclysm can prevent them from reaching the semifinals. Especially that the points lost to Austria, which previously lost 1: 3 with Denmark. And it is with the Austrians that Germany will play the last game.

The advantage of the German team was not discussed from the outset. Our western neighbors prevailed on all elements – from possession of the ball and ending with shots. As a result, they got 3-0 after the first half and were able to concentrate calmly on maintaining the result in the second installment.

The Germans started firing in the 16th minute. At that, Levin Oeztunali's Marco Richter was able to backheel the ball in. It was his third goal in the tournament.

The next two goals – number two and three in the European Championship – were recorded by Gian-Luc Waldschmidt. The 23-year-old striker from Freiburg made his first use of Richter's pass and his shot from close range, and in the 37th minute, Benjamin Henrichs got the ball past the defenders and kick the crossbar.

In addition, the German managed to score another goal when Oeztunali kicked from a corner, but the ball hit the crossbar. However, the result of 3: 0 and so fully satisfied them – in the first game they won with Denmark 3: 1 and they were practically certain of the set of points after two rounds.

Source: Getty Images Waldschmidt scored two goals in the first half

Snagging lying

After the interval, the favorites allowed the rivals to take two shots, but there was no doubt of a lack of control. The Kuntza players patiently built their actions and waited for more mistakes from rivals. It is worth adding that Luka Jović was completely invisible again in the team of Serbia. The striker, for whom Real Madrid has paid 60 million euros to Eintracht, will not pass this tournament to success. Dejan Joveljić reluctantly left the field.

And more, at the moment the Germans increased 4: 0. This time, Florian Neuhaus gave Mahmoud Dahoud, who ran a few meters, put the ball in the right leg and kicked hard from a distance. The goalkeeper was only able to take the ball back with his eyes.

To? None of these things. In the 80th minute, the hat trick was completed by Waldschmidt. He also decided to shoot himself before the 16th and was not wrong – thanks to that he became an independent leader of the sniper's classification.

In consolation, the Serbs were penalized because of the offense of one of the German defenders. Andija Zivković hit the ball, which should have scored eleven meters, which was Serbia's first goal in the tournament – in the first game, lost to Austria with 0: 2.

As the game started to slip away for Arne Maier, the manager decided to change the tactical approach. 6: 1. Exceeded.

After two games, Germany are leading the way with six points in Group B. Three "holes" have Denmark and Austria. Serbia without a point.

Germany – Serbia 6: 1 (3: 0)
Objectives: Richter (16), Waldschmidt (30, 37, 80), Dahoud (69), Maier (92) – Zivković

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