Edyta Jungowska: What happens to a forgotten actress?


Edyta Jungowska (52) was one of the most appreciated actresses. Unfortunately, she has almost completely disappeared from the Polish show business. What do you hear now from a long-lost star?

Viewers loved her for the role of Bożena's sister in "For Good and Evil." The last time Edyta Jungowska appeared on screen five years ago, on the "2XL" series.

Today, the actress divides her time between Poland and … Sweden. For years, he directed the publisher Jung-Off-Ska.

Fascinated by the work of the Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren, she publishes her works, including the famous "Pippi Longstock" and "Sons of Bullerbyn", in the form of a reading.

He registers them with a good colleague, Piotr Fronczewski (72 years).

"He's going to publish all of Lindgren's 25 books and maybe bring something completely new from the next trip abroad," says a well-known actress.


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