Thursday , August 5 2021

Edyta Górniak paid tribute to Pawel Adamowicz with a special song

Edyta Gorniak paid tribute to the assassinated president of Gdańskadvertising

Edyta Gorniak paid tribute to the tragically deceased president of Gdańsk. For this dramatic circumstance, the singer released her studio music production Hallelujah of Leonard Cohen's repertoire.

A tragic death Paweł Adamowicz she broke hearts open to almost all Poles. The mayor of Gdańsk was a wonderful father, husband, brother, son and a great long-time administrator of Gdansk. Pawel Adamowicz on his last journey was told by the unimaginable crowd of Polish tears. During today's Mass in the Basilica of Santa Maria, everyone had trembling voices and pressed hearts and throats with great pain and sorrow. Adamowicz's death shocked most politicians, journalists and show business stars. Many of them appeared at today's funeral, while others bid farewell to the president of Gdansk on the Instagram.

One of the stars whose death by Paweł Adamowicz was completely destroyed Edyta Gorniak. The singer is a very believing and sensitive person, so almost all the deaths of a person in public, Edyta, speak in a particularly painful way. The artist could not recover from the death of an American singer in a very short time – Arethy Franklin. Currently, the Polish star is devastated by the death of Paweł Adamowicz.

Edyta decided to pay tribute to the assassinated president in a special way. In her profile, she made a brief comment, which was accompanied by a famous hit – Hallelujah of the repertoire Leonard Cohen. Edyta sang this cover many times at festivals and concerts, but on this sad day for the Poles, she remembered her performance in the studio.

I am sending Prayer and the silence of the heart. ♥ ️ – Edyta wrote

Under the fast fans of the singer covered her idol with praise, for such a large version of popular music.

I love this voice

Irreplaceable to you, I respect you for your honesty and authenticity in all situations

I love your voice ♥ ️❗ Best of the Best

I am glad that you are so believing and willing, however, the theory is not everything … The practice is much more important


It trembles wonderfully everywhere

This performance is so perfect, so emotional ..

Listen and see for yourself how you like Edith's version.

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