EA: The service boxes are completely ethical. They are like a surprise egg


EA: The service boxes are completely ethical. They are like a surprise eggAt the same time, the political and media noise over the controversial cash drawers is gaining momentum again. It can be considered that the turning point in this whole case was the scandal involving starter boxes in Star Wars Battlefront II of 2017. Thus a bill was promulgated soon, which prohibited the placing of service boxes and microtransactions in games, if the given production were intended for minors. Now Electronic Arts (more specifically Kerry Hopkins, vice president of legal and governmental affairs at EA) in an interview with the British Committee on Digitization, Culture, Media and Sport said that the service boxes are completely ethical, fun and the element of surprise can be compare to unpacking a surprise egg.

EA told the British Digitization Committee that the crates are completely ethical, give a lot of fun, and the element of surprise can be compared to unpacking a surprise egg.

EA: The service boxes are completely ethical. They are like a surprise egg [1]

Brendan O'Hara, of the Scottish National Party, said the evidence suggests a close relationship between looting and gambling, especially when young people are involved. Then he asked Kerry Hopkins as well as the representative of Epic Games, who was also present to discuss the game Fortnite. We do not call them boxes (loot boxes) – Hopkins said, adding that instead of the expression, EA calls the chests of "surprise mechanics". In her later speech, she compared sack boxes to toys that may surprise children like Kinder Niespodzianka or Hatchimals.

Hopkins made it clear that this "surprise mechanism" in no way betrayed the game and did not agree that there was any evidence that using such mechanisms would lead to gambling. She also expressed her dissatisfaction with the laws on the crates, which the Netherlands and Belgium adopted, although she had to adapt to these markets. Keep in mind that earlier this year Epic removed a random item from the boxes purchased in Save the World mode. In a conversation, a representative of Epic Games noted that the industry can do even more. Despite the presentation of Epic, Electronic Arts is still adamant: I do not think we would agree that games are addictive – said Hopkins – I would prefer to say that Electronic Arts is a very responsible company.

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