Dust 2: Two Surprises for Counter-Strike Fans


Dust 2: Two Surprises for Counter-Strike FansValve has something to celebrate – almost 20 years of domination in the e-sport market, for which the Counter-Strike company owned by the American corporation is responsible. Undoubtedly, this title, which grew as a fad for Half-Life, has survived two decades of LAN parties to finally reach the high-budget games whose finals are broadcast around the world and arouse more excitement than football championships . I wonder how much Valve wins in their own CS skins. It is good that, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of CS Valve, it may offer some small surprises, however, a bigger surprise is something completely different – a CS map recreated by Swedish 3D graphics …

In Counter-Strike unaltered, the same maps, the same rules, the same engine. What if you played Counter-Strike on Unreal?

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Regardless of Valve's business structure based on Couter-Strike's 20th anniversary, Americans have prepared a surprise for long-term players, adding to the Global Offensive version of the Dust 2 map as well its classic counterpart, known as Counter-Strike 1.6 Just play a random game in Dust 2, which in the second round will take you to a map almost 16 years ago. Unfortunately, this is the only map updated with the wave of nostalgic memories of classic CS. For others (serving a dose of memories) we can still achieve by installing the classic and previous variants of the game.

Dust 2: Two Surprises for Counter-Strike Fans [2]

The second surprise is the work of Wiktor Öhman, a Swedish 3D graphic that, in its profile on Artsation website https://www.artstation.com/disting, rebuilt Dust 2 on the Unreal engine. The works of Wiktor Öhman that we could already admire in Far Cry 3, in the wave of nostalgic memories of LAN parties, the artist decided to present Dust 2 in completely different robes (unfortunately, this is not a complete map, but it is worth watching film showing the reconstruction process of Dust 2). The effect of your work is impressive. And if you make a spontaneous petition to the Valve company to replace the Counter-Strike engine …

Dust 2: Two Surprises for Counter-Strike Fans [1]

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