Dorota Szelągowska lost 30 pounds! We Know The Secret To Your Diet


Dorota Szelągowska again charmed her fans. Recently, she boasted of a metamorphosis. Some definitely envy their consistency and hard character. After all, these are the features needed to get rid of thirty extra pounds, which fans want to know how it worked.

Dorota Szelągowska once again aroused jealousy among her colleagues in the industry. They wonder how it is that she has lost a lot of extra pounds, while maintaining a good mood, which encourages the main "Home Revolutions".

Recently it appeared during the hand "Telekamer" that occurred on February 25. Its transformation is considered by the media as one of the most spectacular next to Elżbieta Romanowska, which also caused a great shock on this day. What's her recipe?

Dorota Szelągowska at the "Telecamera" gala

The main "Home Revolutions" (program broadcast on TVN) caught the attention of everyone in the "Telecamera" gala. No wonder, its transformation is truly spectacular. In recent months, the Star has managed to dump up to 30 pounds, which is a really incredible result. It is also very difficult to achieve, since other stars know about what the transformation achieved for a while, but then quickly returned to its former importance.

Szelągowska came to the gala dressed very classically. His creation was a very elegant black suit. For him, the star mounted beige color jumps. The whole highlighted red nails as well as light makeup.

Her clothing looked very similar to the one in which Elżbieta Romanowska introduced herself. However, they are different from the coat, which is much more extensive in Dorota Szelągowska.


How did the star of "Home Revolutions" lose weight?

About the change, the star decided to say a few words to the portal "Hawk Post". Most of us, when we hear the word "diet," expect a lot of torture as well as very complicated treatments that bring us closer to the goal. Meanwhile, Dorota Szelągowska approaches the subject in a very simple but exceptionally difficult way.

– I do not eat after I'm 18 and I have no special diet. (…) I'm always on a cash diet and … that's the end – he reveals to the tabloid.

The star is really stubborn in her decisions. He makes no commitment to it. Even special occasions are not an excuse to give up on the diet. When asked if she would allow something sweet after the Telekamer gala, she surprised me with the answer.

"No. If I decide something, I'll decide." (…) I still have 8 kilos to lose weight. When I lose weight, I will allow myself everything – Dorota Szelągowska told the Hawk Post.

Source: Instagram / Dorota Szelągowska


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