Donald Tusk asked for a hearing. Answer questions about the Amber Gold scandal?


The mere confirmation that Tusk will appear on that date triggered a dispute between the head of the committee, MaƂgorzata Wassermann (PiS) and the plenipotentiary of Tusk, or the lawyer Roman Giertych. The lawyer does not want to tell you if your client will come. When asked about this by "Wyborcza", he was covering himself with the secret of his lawyer. Unofficially, however, it is known that the former prime minister will appear before the deputies.

Will the interrogation begin then? Not necessarily. Giertych has reason to ask that Wassermann be excluded. The president's previous statements may indicate that she has prejudice against the witness. Most of the PiS and Kukiz & # 39; 15 deputies on the committee try to show that Tusk knew very soon that the case had begun that Amber Gold was a financial pyramid that would consume the economy of thousands of Poles.


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