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Does the president of the court block the message of a Falenty felony notice?


In the files of Falenty's pardon case, Judge Paweł Dobosz's decision is signed by the court to notify the Public Prosecutor's Office of the suspicion of the crime over which the convicted person writes. It is a matter of verifying whether undetermined people in the circles of power have pledged to pardon the Faker for favors and whether Stanisław Kostrzewski persuaded him to organize the recording – reports Rzeczpospolita. As we wrote in Oneta, Kostrzewski was a long-term administrator of PiS's financial secrets, who lent money to the president for his mother's treatment and after the outbreak of the tape scandal – in the fall of 2014 he was forced to part with the group. night to day.

"Rzeczpospolita" applied to the court with an issue for which the prosecutor's office was directed. "It is not true that the Warsaw District Court sent a notice of a crime to the Prosecutor's Office in connection with a letter from Marek F. to the President with an apology," the SO press section said in response to a question from the newspaper.

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As Rzeczpospolita discovered, the document was pinned to the table by court president Joanna Bitner. The newspaper reports that until the publication of the text, the president of Bitner did not answer the phone, so it is not known when he intends to send a notification to the Public Prosecutor.

Rzeczpospolita informs that the handwritten document has eight pages. "From the President's Chancellery, through the prosecutor's office, he went to the District Court in Warsaw, which gave us permission to inspect the files," we read.

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President Joanna Bitner received the nomination for this position from Minister Zbigniew Ziobro in September 2017. "He has his own opinion and is not afraid to express it." This is Joanna Bitner, the judge who was at the head of Poland's largest regional court, "wrote about the new president" Dziennik Gazeta Prawna. "The portal in the text on the second resignation Bitner of his position (March 2019) : "Joanna Bitner was not a bad president, she was not strongly associated with" good change "in the judicial system. (…) Bitner did not discipline the judges, did not bother them, and did not bother them. "On April 2, the Ministry of Justice refused to accept the resignation of President Bitner.

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