– Manchester United – New contracts are to offset wage reduction De Gei and Pogbie


Manchester United can not be sure to play in the Champions League next year. If the Red Devils do not qualify for this competition, the wages of all players will be reduced by 25%.

Pogba currently earns £ 290,000 per week and De Gea £ 200,000. If Manchester United does not finish the season in the TOP 4, the competitors of the next season will have to count on a smaller salary.

For Pogba, it would be a new situation, since since the French transfer in 2016, the club has always been promoted to the Champions League next season.

per The Times, big increases for Pogba and De Gei would compensate the players for the salary reduction associated with the lack of the Champions League. The benchmark for Red Devils players and their agents has become the salary of Alexis Sanchez. The weekly Chilean weekly is about 400,000 pounds per week. The competitor takes 75,000 extra pounds for each presentation in United's colors.

De Gei's agreement with Manchester United is valid until June 2020. The Pogby contract is valid until June 2021, but in the case of the French, the club has the option to extend the contract for another year.


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