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Control creators take DRM out of game and confess to being wrong

today 09:27

It turned out that yesterday's update introduced in Control was buggy and has already been rolled back. Thus, the game works again without connecting to the Internet, and the Steam Controller control is compatible again.

Control, however, without DMR. - Tw

Control, however, without DMR.

Just yesterday, we reported that a new update marked with the number 1.04 is coming to the production of Remedy Entertainment Control studio. A DRM system has been added to the game that requires a constant internet connection and forces the game through the Epic Games Store. However, the new features were caused by a bug, and the release developers will now bring the title back to the previous version. Thus, the game can be played again offline, and the Steam Controller control must be compatible again.

creator control Sorry for introducing such serious errors and claim that it is their fault that players should not blame EGS for this. The studio wanted to prepare a production for future paid additions, but it turned out that not everything went as planned. Soon, the update will appear again in the game, but this time without the DRM system that will cause these errors. This is when these players will be able to use the photo mode again, which was added yesterday with the bug, but like it – has been removed.

control is available on personal computers and on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. The game was released in Polish with subtitles and collected very good reviews according to Metacritic with an average level of 84% and our reviewer rated it with 8.0 / 10 .

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