Colors of Happiness, Episode 2051: Bożena will know Bruno's secret? Rafał will tell you what connected you in the past?


Colors of Happiness Episode 2009. Bożena (Marieta Żukowska), Rafał Zaborski (Wojciech Solarz)
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Colors of Happiness Episode 2009. Bożena (Marieta Żukowska), Rafał Zaborski (Wojciech Solarz)

The wedding of Bożena (Marieta Żukowska) and Bruna (Lesław Żurek) from the series "Colors of happiness" will destroy the secrets of the past? It is not known for a long time what a dangerous secret Bruno hides and what his suspicious "friend" Rafał Zaborski (Wojciech Solarz) has in common with him. In the 2051 episode of "Colors of Happiness," Bożena will demand from his husband that he throw Rafał out of the hotel. But Zaborski will threaten Stański that he will tell his beloved what connected them many years ago.

"Colors of happiness" episode 2051 – Thursday, 25/04/2019 at 20.10 on TVP2

Bruno's dark secret of "Colors of Happiness" is linked not only to Rafał, but also to Teresa, a woman Stański loved and whose Bożena is a doppelganger. (CLINICAL here and read MORE >>>)

Some time ago, Zaborski talked to a friend that his wife reminded him of Teresa. He even suggested that "a friend" married Bożena, that's why! Who is Teresa? What does Bruno hide from his wife?

Viewers will slowly discover this hero's past "Colors of Happiness," but not all cards will be revealed at once. Although Bruno gives the impression of a decent guy who loves his wife, the truth may be completely different!

Rafał's stay at Hotel Stańskich will inspire Bozena every day. Not only will Rafał revive the illegal game, he will also bring drugs and prostitutes to his wealthy clients.

In 2051 episode "Colors of Happiness", Bożena will ask Bruno to get rid of his obscure friend. Stański will respond to the request of his beloved and will demand that Rafał leave the hotel. Zaborski can not be easily expelled. He will threaten that if he has to leave, Bożena will discover what has been connected in the past.

When the woman hears Rafał, however, stays, she will appear with a trick … I lie to Bruno, that there are cockroaches in the hotel and you have to disinse, and that means you have to remove all the guests.


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