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Coach Adam Nawałka from Lech Poznań since January | top alloy

After the series of defeats at LOTTO Ekstraklasa and in the Polish Cup, Lech Poznań said goodbye to Ivan Djurdjevic. The former Lech player has been featured as coach for years. He joined the club in May after Nenad Bjelica was released. Dariusz Żuraw took on the first coach of Djurdjevic in Djurdjevice.

On Thursday, Maciej Henszel of the "Przegląd Sportowy" reported that the temporary coach of Lech could remain in the bus seat for some time. According to preliminary information, he should lead the railway by the end of this year.

"I still do not have information that my mission is coming to an end, so I'm working and preparing lechitas for the next line," said Żuraw, quoted by Przegląd Sportowy, "I'm doing my job. possible and I will leave the effect of my team as soon as possible, "he added.

Adam Nawałka met with Lech's leaders, but for a long time it seemed that negotiations were halted. Now, "Gazeta Wyborcza" reports that the former picker will take on Kolejorz as of January 1. For Nawałka, it is beneficial because it can wait for a long-awaited offer from China.

You will have to wait for the official information, but there are many indications that from January the former coach of our team will return to the coaching bank of LOTTO Ekstraklasa. Some of Lech's former employees – fitness coaches and analysts can be found on his team. The other team members should go to the club along with Nawałka.

Source: "Gazeta Wyborcza Poznań", "Przegląd Sportowy"

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