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Chojnice's teachers were interested in preschoolers in the integration group. The director removes the children from the list

The journalists of the magazine "Polska i wiat" of TVN24, which received the request of the parents of the injured children, addressed the subject. According to them, three preschoolers were mentally and physically familiar with their children.

Closing on a dark balcony, clogging her mouth with handkerchiefs and spitting – this is how the care of children in kindergarten in Chojnice seems

These situations occurred in the private "Skrzaty" kindergarten in Chojnice. The violence involved children from the integration group, who were disabled or who needed additional care (for example, suffering from autism). According to the parents' relations, the children were enclosed in a dark balcony, where there were different detergents; some of them were pushed into their mouths, and some of them were drenched by one of the kindergarten children.

In the first row, the parents informed the mayor of Chojnice, Arsenius Finster, that he would notify the Public Prosecutor's Office, the children's rights advocate, and asked the school council for the districts to verify the establishment. After these activities, the parents received a letter from the kindergarten management informing them of the immediate removal of children from kindergarten. For this reason preschoolers are likely to be transferred to a public kindergarten where a group with an integration profile will be created especially for the needs of these children.

Chojnice. "I noticed children's conditions"

Chojnice's department head Grzegorz Czarnowski, in an interview with Gazet Pomorsk, emphasized that for the time being the only evidence in the case is the stories of children who are sober in all cases. To this day, parents are struggling with changes in their children's behavior: "Take therapy, eat for experts. And now we notice children's health." Approaching, the child raises his hand suddenly, because he is scared, but crouched. speaks, because my son is talking more and more, now there is almost nothing to say. "Evidence in this area can be monitoring, which would be installed in kindergarten – currently the recordings are verified by police.

Teachers who used violence against children were temporarily removed from work. The board of directors is also required to remove the children from the list by the director of a non-public kindergarten.


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