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Banasia case. Żaryn responds to TVN facts about Homeland Security chief

At that moment, Pogonowski saw him once – during a KAS ceremony to which the head of the Homeland Security Agency was invited – the spokesman said in response to the Fakty TVN posted on Twitter.

B. is a close associate of the current head of the Supreme Audit Office Marian Banasia since her time at the Ministry of Finance. He is suspected by the prosecution of directing the VAT mafia – VAT fraud. "Rzeczpospolita" said that on this charge Arkadiusz B. is in custody.

In response to the factual email, Żaryn informed TVN about contacts between Pogonowski and B. He said they met as part of a joint work at the Ministry of Finance in the years 2006–2007 B. was the director of the unit responsible for administrative and logistical issues and Pogonowski – for legal services and legal representation.

Naryn recalled that in the years 2010-2015 prof. Pogonowski ran the office of a legal advisor.

"In 2015, Pogonowski was proposed to join the Agencja Monitorowania Expropriation Oversight Board. This company would represent people who did not receive appropriate assistance after expropriations, among other things, during the PRL," the spokesman said.

"Due to the inability to perform the duties of a member of the Fiscal Council in real terms (including failure to obtain information from the Board of Directors and the Company's General Meeting on the Company's legal and financial situation) on July 10, 2015. , Prof. Piotr Pogonowski has resigned from office "- wrote Żaryn.

He noted that the court had removed him from the records and that he had no income for the time he was on the board.

The Ombudsman emphasized that these facts and dates are publicly available in the National Court Register and in the teacher's financial statement published on the Internet, made by appointment of the Head of ABW and Head of ABW – 19 November 2015 and 19 November. February 2016

"Hints that Professor Pogonowski was involved in criminal proceedings will have a strong legal response," he noted in an e-mail to Facts TVN editor Żaryn.


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