Appeal for the non-politicization of the death and hatred of Adamowicz in PO on TVP


O TVP talks about the need to fight against hatred while they themselves are hating the opposition. What was done in TVP Info and in "Wiadomości" is an example of hypocrisy and double standard.

– Yesterday's tragedy showed that the police were right, saying that even organized by the Owéiak Polyn & Rock Festival, formerly known as Przystanek Woodstock, is a high risk event – commanded on the air "News" Maksymilian Myszenda. On the night show TVP was reminded of the murder of Marek Rosiak at PiS headquarters by "former member of the Ryszard Cybê PO". Also quoted were Tusk's words, which announced to politicians PiS that they would "disappear as dinosaurs." There was also a quote from Radoslaw Sikorski on "picking the pack" and "shaking off the healthy tree of our state," meaning the words of Grzegorz Schetyna.

All the material was constructed in such a way that all responsibility for the death of Pawel Adamowicz fell to the opposition, in particular to the Civic Platform.

Also Jurek Owsiak was getting tired. It was pointed out that when the media circulated information about the attack on Paweł Adamowicz, the final was continued at the WOŚP studio in Warsaw, among others. the gold hearts auction has been completed.

Previously on Adamowicz's death on TVP Info, Magdalena Ogórek talked to "experts".
– The level of aggression in the public debate has risen to such a limit, for which there is only one tragedy. All you have to do is open Twitter – said on Wednesday at TVP Info Ogórek.

– The head of two newspapers, however, suggested the political context of what happened in Gdansk. That was not said directly, but one can guess that the opposition will want this death to develop in some way for the benefit of itself, which does not necessarily mean that it will be beneficial to all of us, "said one of the journalists. Later, he lamented that the Civic Platform did not participate in the meeting with Andrzej Duda. The president invited the leaders of the political parties with whom he wanted to discuss the organization of the march against hatred and violence. This happened on Tuesday in Gdansk.

The public broadcaster did not say a word about the reasons why the PO (like other opposition parties: SLD and Teraz) did not attend the meeting. And so, they wanted to respect the will of the family of the late Pawel Adamowicz for not politicizing the dispute. Curiously, finally, for the same reason, Andrzej Duda withdrew the idea of ​​organizing the march.

source: "News" TVP


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