Another prize for the "Cold War." The film was appreciated by critics at the Stockholm Festival – Wiadomości


As emphasized in the verdict, the award was awarded for the artistic use of black and white photographs that emphasize the romantic relationship between the two characters in a difficult postwar situation.

The debut of Pawlikowski's movie in Swedish cinemas took place on Friday. The painting received the highest rating (five stars) in the ranking of the two largest daily newspapers: "Dagens Nyheter" and "Svenska Dagbladet".

Bronze Horse's main prize at the Stockholm festival for the film "Firecrackers" was won by Canadian director Jasmin Mozaffari.

There is a chance for more rewards

The Cold War movie won the Golden Lions and awards for best editing and sound at the 43rd Polish Film Festival in Gdynia; Paweł Pawlikowski received the award for best director at this year's International Film Festival.

In early November, the Cold War received several nominations for the European Film Award. Among the eight winners of the award announced on Thursday, sometimes called the European Oscar, was Jarosław Kamiński, editor of "Cold War".

The Polish film still has the chance to win the award in five categories. He is nominated for a European Film Award in the following categories: Cinema, Screenwriter (Paweł Pawlikowski), Director (Paweł Pawlikowski), Actress (Joanna Kulig) and Actor (Tomasz Kot).

The theme of this year's edition of the Stockholm International Film Festival, which featured 159 films from 60 countries, was democracy.



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