Thursday , April 22 2021

Andrzej Grembowicz is dead. Who was he and what scripts did he write?

Information about the death of Andrzej Grembowicz was provided on Facebook by director Wojciech Adamczyk, who collaborated with him on the set of "Ranches" and "Girls from Lviv". "A master of words, an artist with great imagination and a great heart, a remarkable comedy writer." He observed the surrounding reality with concern and care, appropriately diagnosed, but the critical description was always soaked with warmth and kindness to the other person He has created an unusual and multicolored gallery of characters who will miss you, so do I. Jędrek, thank you for everything. " – wrote Adamczyk.

Scenarios for films and series

Grembowicz published under the pseudonym of Robert Brutter. He had not only books, but also lyrics from the series "Ranczo". He created scenarios for series and movies. In addition to the above mentioned titles, he collaborated, among others in the films "Amok", Fuks "and" Graffiti Night " "Where Eskimos Live", he received the Hartley-Merrill Prize with Tomasz Wiszniewski.

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