An unusual situation. Leak Specification Processor … – Qualcomm Snapdragon 735


Usually we inform about new products from the world of smartphones, hardware, games and applications. Leaks in the world of processors do not happen very often. For this reason, I cordially invite you to become familiar with the so-called Snapdragon 735, which is distinguished by several interesting features.

The most important information is that highest average of Qualcomm will be made in a technological process of seven meters, probably using the same technologies as the Snapdragon 855, which drives the vast majority of this year's flagship cars. The processor will also bring an innovative central configuration that will be based on the 1 + 1 + 6 model. In the above mentioned Snape 855 we have a slightly different model, which is based on cores working on a 2 + 2 + 6 set.

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The architecture will be based on the Kryo 400 system, where the two main cores are probably the Cortex A76, and the remaining six cores can be based on the Cortex A55. The Adreno 620 will be used as a graphics processor with clock speed of 750 MHz. The system will also receive an NPU220 graphics processor, which can accelerate to 1 GHz. The NPU system can be used successfully in activities where the phones are supported by artificial intelligence.

Snapdragon 855 swept the benchmark, surpassing even Apple

The icing on the cake seems to be the presence Module 5G. Unfortunately, the source site does not reveal many details here. The debut date of the Snapdragon 735 is still unknown, however, the early presence of the 5G module presumes that it pays to arm itself with a little patience. One kind of curiosity that I will allow myself to finish this post is information that the source site predicted almost without fail the specification of the Snapdragon 730. So it seems that seven hundred and thirty-five you can almost take it for granted.

source: SuggestPhone

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