Allegro Smart! in the new version. Low monthly fee, end of shipping limit, possible bargains


Allegro Smart! Already on Monday, November 5, just two months after launch, it will change significantly. As we have been able to inform you unofficially, it will appear new version of the program – pay monthly. Users can choose – pay for a year in advance PLN 49 or only PLN 8.99 All you have to do is "sign" your payment or credit card. The service can be canceled at any time and then return to it – at any time.

Special offers

According to unofficial information, there will be more Mega Okazja on Monday 5 November. A large proportion of them should be available only for people who use Allegro Smart!

Some will only be active for 24 hours. In addition, they will also be available Quick offers – special offers at attractive prices, which can be purchased in just a few minutes. This is similar to the well-known flash sales in Poland.

The limit disappears

Allegro also eliminates the shipping limit – all using Allegro Smart! he can use the system any number of times. So far, the number of packages covered by the program could not have been more than 365 per year.

The receiving network is growing

Using Allegro Smart! is supposed to be more convenient because the number of points we will receive the shipment will be larger and larger. By the end of the year, it is expected to reach 20,000. points such as order cabinets.

The number of offers is increasing

With Allegro Smart! Today, several hundred thousand people are already using it. At the beginning of September, program participants were 100,000. The growing popularity of the project is likely to be related to the increase in the number of offers marked "Allegro Smart!". Since the beginning of the project, there are almost half – about 40 million.

With free Allegro Smart Delivery! can only be used if a seller's purchases have a value of at least 40 PLN.

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