A flying saucer landed in the Utah desert. NASA publishes a photo


NASA's photograph shows a flying saucer that landed in the Utah desert in 2004. It was tracked by radar and chased by helicopters. He hit the ground at 300 km / h, because the parachutes were not mounted inside. The facility is part of a man-made Genesis robot launched by NASA for space in 2001. The capsule was fired to examine the sun. The task of the Genesis mission was to collect samples of the solar wind. Curiously, despite the emergency landing, many samples remained in a state that allowed them to be analyzed. NASA reports that it collected intriguing information about how the sun and planets were created billions of years ago.

Theories of Oumuamua and conspiracy

On October 19, 2017, the Pan-STARRS 1 telescope in Hawaii recorded a strange object traversing our solar system. The asteroid, almost 400 meters long, was called Oumuamua, which in the Hawaiian dialect means "Messenger". The researchers immediately surprised her unusual longitudinal shape by remembering a cigar. The length of the asteroid is ten times its size (it's 400 x 40 m), which is unusual for objects in our solar system that were up to three times longer than their width. Oumuamua probably consists of rocks and metal, it is a reddish color. Dyed thanks to the cosmic rays to which he has been exposed for millions of years.

"Beginner" He immediately lit the imagination of the conspiracy theorists who will surely be delighted to learn the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics hypothesis. In an article published in the pages of the prestigious industry magazine Astrophysical Journal Letters, they stated that "Oumuamua may be a fully functional probe intentionally sent to Earth by foreign civilization". Researchers have made such a conclusion, among others based on unprecedented dimensions of the object. Even more surprising was the extraordinary and unexpected acceleration that occurred when Oumuamua flew in January 2018 through our solar system.


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