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500 plus for adult children? PiS is considering changes in the government program [18.05.2019 r.]

500 more for adult children is a new idea of ​​government. As reported by, in the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy, they are planning to extend the 500 plus program for children who have turned 18. When can we expect payments and how will the benefit of more than 500 years be granted to adult children?

500 plus for adult children

The service of more than 500 is the main government program. Recently, PiS decided to extend the scope of the benefit payment also for the first child. Starting in July 2019, families will receive 500 PLN for each child, and not as it was before – the second child. The costs of program changes of more than 500 are estimated at PLN 41 billion of the State budget. Financial support will be in total for 6.8 million children.

Many people who receive more than 500, however, question whether the government is considering indexing the benefit, ie increasing the amount paid. PiS has not planned such changes so far, but the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy has a different idea: the possibility of extending the period for payment of the benefit. That means the 500 plus also include adult children who are already 18 years old.

We know that the period from the age of 18 is also demanding for families, "said Deputy Minister Stanisław Szwed.

– If there are possibilities of the state budget in the coming years, of course we will look for other solutions, perhaps more to extend the periods. We know that the period from the age of 18 is also demanding for families. There are different solutions. Today, we have this basic solution and I think that is the most important – explained the deputy minister Stanisław Szwed, quoted by

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500 plus for adult children: rules since when?

For now, however, it is difficult to talk about details. The 500 plus project for adult children is only in the design phase. It is not known what conditions would have to be met to receive benefits also for children over 18 years of age. When can we expect the idea of ​​government to be implemented? For now it's too early to talk about it.

500 more

Let's remind you that the 500 plus program is designed to help Polish families. In the opinion of the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy, the "Rodzina 500 plus" program achieved goals such as:

  • improvement of fertility rate,
  • support for Polish families,
  • fight against poverty.

PiS promises: 500 more for the first child, "13" pension for the eldest.


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