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2019 Parliamentary Elections: Results of Late Ballot Polls from 1.40 for the Sejm and Senate

Law and Justice obtained 43.6% of the votes, the Civic Coalition – 27.4%, SLD – 12.4%, PSL – 9.1%, the Confederation – 6.4% – poll results show 1.40 in the evening, prepared by Ipsos. Participation in the elections was 61.1%.

In Sunday's elections, the Poles elected 460 deputies and 100 senators. In total, 5112 candidates applied for the post of deputy. On average, 11 candidates applied for a seat. In the Senate elections, 278 candidates were registered in 100 constituencies.

More than 30.1 million voters were entitled to vote.

The silence of the elections ended on Sunday at 21.

During election night on TVN24 and, we show the first poll results, reviews and the latest information prepared by IPSOS >>>

The first election poll results for exit polls:

Law and Justice – 43.6%

Civic Coalition – 27.4%

SLD – 11.9%

PSL – 9.6%

Confederation – 6.4%

At 1:40 pm, Ipsos presented the results of the last study. They indicate a slight change in support for individual committees.

Law and Justice – 43.6% – unchanged

Civic Coalition – 27.4% – unchanged

SLD – 12.4% – 0.5 percentage points. up

PSL – 9.1% – 0.5 per cent points. down

Confederation – 6.4% – no changes

IPSOS late poll for three TV stations. The average margin of test accuracy is 2 percentage points.

The IPSOS studio, which conducts surveys for all television stations, presents the following possible distribution of votes on Sejm.

Law and Justice – 239 places

Citizens Coalition – 131 seats

SLD – 46 seats

PSL – 30 seats

Confederation – 13 seats

The ordinary majority in Sejm is 231 seats.

According to IPSOS data, participation in the elections was 61.1%.


Team Answers

PiS chairman Jaroslaw Kaczynski admitted that the party has "reasons to be happy". – Despite this powerful front, we have managed to win and it seems that it will continue. And if it continues, there will be a good change, ”he said.

Civic Platform president Grzegorz Schetyna said "it was a tough four years." He also assessed that "it was not an equal fight". He added that the only way is "greater cooperation and integration of opposition parties".

The SLD team rejoiced at the left return to Sejm. "We are returning to the place where the Polish left has always been – the temple of democracy, the Polish parliament after four years." We did it, ”said Robert Biedroń.

Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, PSL chief, thanked him for participating in the election. "If these results are repeated, it is a great trust mandate of our compatriots for a rational center, for the Polish Coalition, which we have proposed for Poland," he said.

Janusz Korwin-Mikke called for it to be postponed with joy. He thanked everyone who voted for the Confederation. – These are people who want something to change. The slogan was "continuation or confederation". They chose the Confederacy, ”he said.

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