10-year-old funeral, Kristina de Mrowin [RELACJA Z UROCZYSTOŚCI]


This is Kristina's 10 year killer.
Author: reproduction Tomasz Golla / SUPER EXPRESS
This is Kristina's 10 year killer.

Today at 10 am there will be funeral ceremonies for 10-year-old Kristin Mrowin. The family asks you to respect the privacy of the ceremony. Kristina's mother, 10, does not want to wear black for the funeral and wear white and blue. They are the girl's favorite colors. Krisitny's mother asks to bring white flowers with her. Report of the funeral ceremony at SE.PL

In connection with funeral ceremony ŚP. Kristina on Saturday, June 22 at 10:00 am in the Żarów municipal cemetery, a temporary traffic organization will be in effect. One-way traffic will be entered.

Żarów commune
Author: Żarów comuna

Kristina, 10, met a woman in the woods near Imbramowice on June 13who was on a hike. The place was six kilometers from the village of Mrowiny, where a girl was sought who did not return home from school. Kristina, age 10, on June 13 left the school located in the center of the village of Mrowiny. It was a mile away from home. The last time she was seen was 200 meters from where she lived. Suspect in this subject Jakub A., 22, police stopped on June 16. From the start he wanted to direct investigators into false leads. After stopping the 22 year old he tried to portray an alibiwhich he thought was "iron." men he confessed to the action he was accused of. The girl knew the girl of 22 years. Maybe that would make her trust him. He is a man who knew his family.. On June 18, the Prosecutor's Office filed a motion of arrest for a 22-year-old man. Jakub A. He was arrested for three months. by the District Court of Świdnica. A man is threatened with a life sentence.


09:20 They suspended their parents' request for funeral attendees not to attend the ceremony in black clothing. "Please come dressed in white and blue colors. In the favorite colors of the deceased girl"

09:15 "The funeral ceremony will be held on 06/22/2019 at 10.00 am in the chapel of the Żarów municipal cemetery, after which it will be taken to the local cemetery. What they are talking about with deep sadness and grief is Mom, Dad, siblings, grandparents and family members."- we read in the obituary.

09:10 At the gate of the Żarów cemetery, a small town next to the village of Mrowiny, there is an hourglass reporting on the death and burial of a girl. "On 06/13/2019 at the age of 10, she died a tragic death by Kristina"- was written in the obituary.

09:05 At 10 in the chapel of Żarów Cemetery, the funeral ceremony of Kristina will begin

09:00 Children who celebrated their 10th birthday with a girl on Tuesday have friends at the grave to make toys they bought for her that they could not give

8 o'clock At the funeral will be a great manifestation

07:00 People who have not even met a child or a family will also come to Żarów. Their presence is to be a manifestation against violence.

06:00 All the inhabitants of his family, Mrowin, go to the funeral ceremony. In this way, they want to support the girl's troubled mother, Agnieszka.


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