Wounded Scottish national rescued Cebu coast – Coast Guard


Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, April 19) – A Scottish citizen, who was injured in a boat accident along the coast of Cebu, was rescued by authorities on Thursday.

The Central Visayas Coast Guard District came to the aid of Ronald Cruickshank, captain of the "My Hawkeye" sailboat, after the 64-year-old man made a distress call.

The Cruickshank vase was inoperable because it suffered complications in its main engine.

According to the Coast Guard, "My Hawkeye" was going north toward the open waters of the Visayan Sea.

Cruickshank sought medical attention after suffering head and back injuries while aboard the ship.

The captain of the Scottish boat was then taken by officers to the Danao provincial hospital. His boat was meanwhile towed to the city of Carmen.


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