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Which Premier League club needs to make the biggest transfer deal in January?

The winter transfer window is still six weeks away, but a lot of work is going on behind the scenes.

Clubs across the country will be eager to reach the scene on Jan. 1 in an effort to strengthen their squadrons by the end of the campaign.

Jose Mourinho will be willing to strengthen his team at Manchester United after losing some of his targets this summer.

However, the Special is not the only one on the market for new faces this winter.

But which clubs have the most work to do in January this year? Our reporters have their opinion:

Manchester United transfer to Alexis Sanchez last year

Manchester United – Adrian Kajumba

Teams in danger of relegation could always make additions in January to boost their hopes for survival.

Cardiff and Crystal Palace, for example, desperately need to bring at least one player who can provide a regular source of goals.

But the next window seems especially important for Manchester United and Jose Mourinho.

They failed to make the most of the summer, both in terms of players needing to get in and out.

January represents another chance to eliminate as many underperformers as possible and also bring much needed improvements on the top and top.

The fact that they scored just 20 goals and left 21, leaving them as the only top 10 team with the least goals, highlights the problems they are having at both ends and require them to be active in January.

At least one quarterback is essential, but they can actually do with two that are able to hit the ground running.

They failed to buy a right wing in the summer, so the position still needs to be filled and now none of their attacker options look to work.

The top four are already looking for a difficult question. Do not fill in the gaps by the end of January and you can write them down.

The support – or perhaps the lack of – that Mourinho gets when the window reopens can also provide huge clues about his long-term prospects.

José Mourinho was in Montenegro to watch a target last month

Crystal Palace – Darren Lewis

They are an honest and organized team under the command of Roy Hodgson, but they rely too much on Wilfried Zaha.

The guy's shoulders must be hurting.

The Palace needs to have more quality in the front and more steel in the midfield.

They will be with Hodgson in charge, but if they want to get on the table, they need more on this team.

Crystal Palace is hovering dangerously above the launch zone

Manchester United – Neil Moxley

The question implies that we are discussing teams with poor performance.

If the clubs are up to your expectations, there is no need to do business, right?

You can easily point to the end and say that Huddersfield Town and Cardiff City need some work. There would be few arguments.

Personally, I would like Rafa Benitez to take a break at Newcastle – not because he is under-delivering – he is actually outperforming, given a net transfer expense not too large.

But that does not answer the question.

Based on this, you certainly need to look at Manchester United and ask Jose Mourinho what he needs to bring the fizz back to life in Old Trafford.

The reason why legions of fans were drawn to the club in the first place was their commitment to exciting football.

It's as fun as watching for hours on a pile of scum on a rainy day at the moment.

You get the impression that the fan base is so great and although they are not yet at the inflection point, they need a reason to believe the good times are coming back.

For their sake, and the manager, Ed Woodward, the purse holder, needs to relax them if possible in a few months.

Mourinho will bet on some financial support from Ed Woodward

West Ham – Matt Lawless

Of course, like a hammer, I'd like to see West Ham spend again. The problem is that there is no money left (apparently).

So coach Manuel Pellegrini is desperately turning to Samir Nasri – a footballer from a controversial past who has not played for two years and is still going to somehow manage £ 80,000 a week – in an attempt to arrest the injury problems. ruined his squadron.

The Frenchman is available on a free transfer and if he proves his physical condition before January 1, he will receive a six-month contract.

But for West Ham, they really need more. The table did not lie. An advanced, extreme and defensive midfielder should be a priority.

Samir Nasri is available

Manchester United – Andy Dunn

Given the considerable effort during Jose Mourinho's tenure, it seems silly to suggest that Manchester United must be among the most active in the transfer window, but that is emphatically the case.

The quality difference between United and Manchester City in the recent derby was surprising and if Old Trafford brokers believe Mourinho is the man who can close him, then they need to support him even more.

It is notoriously difficult to recruit top-level talents in the January window, but Mourinho should seek a central half, a creative midfield force and possibly even a substitute striker.

Fulham have spent a lot in the summer, but Shahid Khan will have to dig deeper to support the new boss Claudio Ranieri and the Spurs can add a pair to increase the numbers.

Claudio Ranieri will want to put his seal on the Fulham team that he inherited

City of Cardiff – David Anderson

This is a tough one and the likes of Huddersfield, Southampton and Newcastle need strengthening.

But I think Cardiff is the team most in need of spending money.

They spent almost £ 30 million in the summer with the likes of Josh Murphy and Bobby Reid, but all that money went to the Championship players.

I still think they are short and when I look at Cardiff, I do not see a Premier League team.

They beat Brighton in their last game but needed a winner in the last minute after the Seagulls played almost two-thirds of the match with 10 men.

I do not think they have enough quality to survive as things stand.

They are confused and Callum Paterson is their highest scorer with three, but they lack an attacker who will score the 12 or 15 goals needed to survive.

Unlike their relegation rivals, they also do not have a coach who has proven they can succeed in the Premier League.

Neil Warnock's genius is centered on promoting teams – often against odds, as he did with Cardiff last season.

But he's not the kind of trainer who manages to keep a poor first division team like David Wagner did last season.

That's another reason why they need better players and Cardiff still looks like a Championship team destined to go back to the second level.

Neil Warnock's team are among the top three in goal difference

City of Man / Chelsea – Tom Hopkinson

Well, Manchester City and Chelsea to start if they are worried about the threat of possible transfer transfers in the not too distant future.

Tottenham need a maybe two new hires just to refresh things and help the rest of the team, who looked tired at the start of the season, despite having made a good starting point.

Manchester United likewise looks like a big name would inject some impetus and belief into their cast even though they may feel burned out with what Alexis Sanchez gave them in terms of bringing a big name in the middle of the season.

Arsenal and Liverpool, on the other hand, are likely to feel they've done enough business in the summer for a year, although Jurgen Klopp could be pressured by Chelsea's hopes of putting Christian Pulisic as a longtime admirer.

At the bottom, each team will be looking for someone to bring the X-Factor that their rivals do not find to keep them.

Someone who can score the seven or eight goals that will make the difference between relegation and survival.

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