The semi-production of semi-electric Tesla trucks returns to focus, Elon Musk is looking forward to this


Tesla's CEO, Elon Musk, made a rare mention about bringing the Tesla Semi-Electric truck to production as the company's original timeline is fast approaching.

When Tesla presented its semi-electric truck for the first time in 2017, the company said it planned to bring the vehicle to production in 2019.

Now in 2019, we still do not know where they plan to build the vehicle or if the original delivery schedule still holds when we enter the second quarter.

After launching a photo of Tesla's prototype Semi-loading Tesla vehicles, Musk said that Tesla has been busy with "production and logistics" but now they are eager to bring the vehicle to production:

When asked if production is still planned for 2019, Musk did not respond.

Tesla has previously noted that they have extensively tested their truck prototypes in the past year and have made improvements to the specifications for the production version.

This weekend, Tesla began releasing a series of promotional videos of the Tesla Semi prototype with Tesla vehicles:

Tesla said earlier that it plans to be its own customer with the Tesla Semi program.

Musk specifically mentions the route between the Fremont factory in California and Gigafactory 1 in Nevada. He referred to the cost of the flow of parts between the factories as "gigantic."

The company has rarely released media content about Tesla Semi in the past year.

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How should we read this? Elon's comment almost makes it sound like they had to put Tesla Semi's production plans in the background for the past 18 months, when they focused on Model 3.

Although he did not say that, he would not be surprised if it meant production was delayed, at least a little.

I feel we should have heard a lot more about Tesla's plan to bring the truck to production by now, if it's still planned by the end of the year.

The location, which is supposed to be Gigafactory 1, should have been confirmed so far in my opinion, since we should have begun to see signs of investment in the factory to prepare for production.

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