The quarter will not be good, but buy this stock


Kohl's Corp.: "Kohl's is driven by the fabulous [CEO] Michelle Goss, who is doing a great job. Stock too short, this does not make sense. I know the neighborhood is not going to be that good, but I say [buy]"

Exxon Mobil: "You will not get hurt with a 4% yield by buying Exxon at these prices, but it's not my favorite anymore. By the way, I think [CEO] Mike Wirth is doing a dynamite job at Chevron, although my friend [CNBC’s] David Faber made me feel like: "wow, maybe they come and offended by Anadarko after [Occidental]but I prefer Chevron to Exxon. "

Delta Air Lines Inc .: "It's a very cheap stock with 8-fold gains." I will not tell you to call the cashier.

Allergan plc: "Actually, I'll say you need to worry … My problem is that we need to see some gains momentum. We need to see that migraine drug approved, and I do not know if it will get approval soon for to be able to help what I think is a business that worries me. "

Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Inc .: "I've looked at Arrowhead recently and I have not seen too much." "You know, everyone is so excited about it." "I do not understand that." "I've said it's absolutely right to have actions that need to be done with cutting and cutting genes , but I will not endorse it for anything other than speculation. "

Wayfair Inc.: "You know, it's unbelievable.I remember when Bed & Beyond Bed and Breakfast could have bought Wayfair. Wayfair is a real competitor, and I have to tell you: the shorts that are going against Wayfair forever I think Wayfair represents a big bargain – the products. "" It's not a bargain, it's very expensive, but I'm not going to go against it. "

Varonis Systems Inc.: "I am recommending virtually all cybersecurity actions, because it is a great secular theme, but my favorite is Palo Alto Networks.

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Disclosure: Cramer's charity fund has shares in Palo Alto Networks, Kohl's and Anadarko.

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