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The NBA report shows three incorrect missed calls on the Rockets-Warriors rocket

Houston Rockets guard James Harden (13) throws basketball against Golden State Warriors striker Kevon Looney (5) during the first quarter of the second round of the NBA Playoffs of 2019 at the Oracle Arena. Kyle Terada, USA TODAY Sports / Reuters

The NBA's two-minute report shows that there were three inaccuracies in the final 71 seconds of Sunday's game between the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets.

The Warriors won a 104-100 victory in the Western Conference semifinal in a match in which Rockets guard James Harden criticized the referee afterwards.

Two of the incorrect no-calls involved Harden, but a crucial non-call with 10.1 seconds remaining was considered correct.

In that sequence, Harden put a 3-pointer with 10.1 seconds remaining that could have tied the game. There was no foul on Golden State striker Draymond Green because "Harden (HOU) equalized green (GSW) in the air during his shot." Green jumped in front of Harden and would have lost if Harden had not stretched his legs. "

Incorrect non-calls occurred with 1: 10.6, 51.9 seconds and 5.2 seconds remaining.

The first involved a turnover of Harden, in which he stepped on the baseline. The report said a foul should have been called by Golden State's Stephen Curry.

"(Review) shows that Curry (GSW) is moving sideways on Harden's path and that contact causes Harden to leave the field," the report said.

With 51.9 seconds, Golden State's Klay Thompson made a move toward the basket and jumped. The report said Thompson should have been called to travel.

"Thompson (GSW) slides his pivot foot at the end of his dribble," according to the report.

After Harden lost the tie in 3 points with 10.1 seconds, there was a dispute for the lost ball. Eric Gordon of Houston was forced to leave the field with 5.2 seconds remaining. The report said Curry should have been called for a foul.

"(Review) shows Curry (GSW) making contact with Gordon's arm (HOU), affecting his ability to hold the ball," the report said.

In the aftermath of that call, Houston's Chris Paul was called in for a technical foul and Curry was able to turn the game into a two-handed game while the Warriors held on.

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