Tesla launches Amazon store to sell products


Tesla has launched an Amazon store, where it is selling branded goods, Electrek said.

Items available at the store include iPhone cases, mugs, clothing and cast versions of Tesla vehicles. The automaker has already sold goods exclusively through its website and stores.

Items for sale range from a $ 25 hat and mug to Tesla model cars, which cost $ 250.

Tesla, which is launching a store on Amazon's platform, shows the company is looking for new ways to get its products in front of more people. And it is not the first time the company has partnered with a retailer to help increase its exposure.

The automaker previously joined Home Depot to sell energy products, however, this partnership ended in 2018.

Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The following products are available at Tesla's Amazon store starting on Tuesday afternoon:

  • iPhone Cases: US $ 35 – US $ 45
  • Men's Hoodie: $ 70
  • Women's Sweatshirt: $ 75
  • Snapback hat: US $ 25
  • Model Diecast S P100D, Model S P85 and Model X: $ 250
  • Mug: $ 25


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