The group of students did not expect to stumble on them while walking (Photo: Newsflare)

Four college students stumbled into a cluster of "strange stones" that turned out to be rare fossils of dinosaur eggs.

The group found the eggs covered in red mud during a field trip and reported their discovery to a local museum.

The team asked experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences to take a closer look at the mysterious discovery.

They were confirmed as fossils of dinosaur eggs that date back to the late Cretaceous, which began 145 million years ago and ended 66 million years ago, according to the Mirror.

The eggs are now being kept in a museum (Photo: Newsflare)
The four university students were surprised by the "strange stones" (Photo: Newsflare)
The Chinese province of Jiangxi has a reputation for prehistoric discoveries (Photo: Newsflare)

They are now being kept in a museum in the Pingxiang city area.

Jiangxi Province, China, has gained fame as the country's "hometown of dinosaurs" due to a series of recent fossil discoveries.

In April 2010, a dinosaur egg fossil with egg shell was seen at a construction site in September 2008.

In September 2008, several fossils of dinosaur skeletons were discovered in Pingxiang

Construction workers who built a new school in the province found a pristine cluster of up to 30 dinosaur eggs, about 130 million years old.

Miraculously, the eggs survived an explosion triggered by the workers to break a stone.

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