SPIDER-MAN Countdown Goes to 1


Credit: Marvel Comics

"Another Day" image by Joe Quesada

Credit: Marvel Comics

The Marvel Spider-Man countdown has hit "1" on Wednesday as expected – and the editor-in-chief of C.B. Cebulski is already beating you up One more day joke.

"Looks like we just have to wait another day for the great Spider-Man to reveal!" (Just joking …) " Cebulski tweeted in response to the original tweet from Marvel Comics.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Apparently it would be Cebulski overthrowing the connection of this mysterious project to Spider-Man: Another Day, after previous refutations which is a version of Sam Raimi Spiderman 4 or a Fantastic Four crossover.

With that, Thursday seems to be the countdown to 0. That brings something – Marvel never made a Incredible Spider-Man # 0. They did Incredible Spider-Man # -1 it is a Smashing Spiderman # 0, Yet.

… Yes, we're grabbing now like the rest of us. Then, again, Cebulski has previously tweeted "No one will see this coming." If that is the case, then these teasers should not give clues as to what is to come – then, anything is in reason.

The only seemingly clear thing is that it is related to the spider, and are comics as opposed to Marvel TV, Marvel movies, Marvel games or another Marvel extension.


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