Tuesday , January 19 2021

Sison himself declared Gabriela a facade of the NPA, but Parlade still warned against red marking without evidence

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, October 25) – Although leftist groups have been associated with communist organizations, the secretary of defense says that military officers should take extra care in linking personalities to such groups.

Secretary Delfin Lorenzana told reporters on Sunday that he had spoken to Lieutenant-General Antonio Parlade Jr. about statements he had made last week about actress Liza Soberano’s participation in a Gabriela Youth event.

“General Parlade said that what he meant was to warn and caution these celebrities to join or defend fronts of the CPP / NP / NDF, that Gabriela is one of them. Just to be clear, we didn’t score. it was José Maria Sison himself who identified them as fronts of the CPP / NP / NDF ”, he said.

Lorenzana added: “Accusing us (military and police) of accusing them of Sison’s admission is the height of naivety.”

The Defense Secretary also said that President Rodrigo Duterte signed an executive order declaring the CPP / NPA / NDF to be terrorist organizations.

However, Lorenzana said she reminded Parlade “to put a red sticker on anyone without evidence”.

“The association with Gabriela, per se, does not mean that a person defends and supports his ideology. That is why it is our duty to warn you not to fall into the trap, ”he said. “In the meantime, I have instructed General Parlade to continue what he is doing with some caveats so as not to include or unnecessarily accuse innocent people who are well-meaning and want to do good things for others.”

The Parlade was attacked last week after warning Sovereign for associating with Gabriela and adding that she could suffer the same fate as Josephine Lapira, a young Gabriela who died in an encounter with armed authorities three years ago.

Senator Risa Hontiveros summoned Parlade for her “threats and harassment” to celebrities who defend women’s rights, while Congresswoman Gabriela Arlene Brosas said he “maliciously” linked the actress to the underground movement when all she did was to speak up in her youth forum against “gender violence and abuse”.

In an interview with CNN Philippines, Parlade said he had no intention of doing harm.

“I don’t need to apologize. Why should I apologize? I have no intention of hurting Liza Soberano,” Parlade told CNN Philippines’ The Source on October 23, saying that people should read his full statement to understand his point.

“I definitely didn’t denounce Liza Soberano. In fact, I came to defend her position that it’s okay to be an activist and defend women’s rights. It’s not right that we don’t inform Liza Soberano about the nature of Gabriela Youth, with whom she got involved during the webinar, “said the military.

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