Rookie Group debuts that are expected to take 2019 by storm


2019 has a strong list of new groups of girls and boys who are waiting to debut!

Agencies responsible for groups on a global scale, such as TWICE and BTS, are expected to produce powerful new groups by 2019.

On January 14, JYP Entertainment confirmed that the first group of new girls since TWICE is preparing for its debut. The group is due to premiere soon, as they have completed the filming of their music video.

As JYP Entertainment showed its strength in groups of girls with Wonder Girls, miss A and TWICE, the public has already shown great interest in the new female group. In particular, Shin Ryu Jin, "MIXNINE", JTBC, Hwang Yeji, SBS's "The Fan," and Lee Chae Ryeong from Mnet's "DEZESSES" have attracted a lot of fan attention.

In addition, Big Hit Entertainment is launching a new group of boys for the first time in six years after BTS. Currently, TXT has been revealing teasers from its members, one at a time. With the revelation of early members Yeonjun and Soobin, the group has already taken over Twitter's global trends, had a trend on YouTube and received many spotlight from national and international media.

Lee Dae Hwi and Park Woo Jin of Wanna One, along with Lim Young Min and Kim Dong Hyun of MXM, are also planning to debut again this year with the new group temporarily known as Brand New Boys. Members are working hard with the Brand New Music operation team to launch a well-prepared group with high-quality production. More details about the members and the group will be revealed later this year.

YG Entertainment is also finalizing the "YG Treasure Box" to debut a new group of boys to follow in the footsteps of BIGBANG, WINNER and iKON. The seven members of the new group will be determined when the show comes to an end this month.

MBC's "Under 19" survival program will decide the members of the latter group in the final episode, which will be screened on February 2.

Fans are eager to hear the news of the fourth season of "Produce 101," which will form a new group of boys. Although little information has been released so far, Mnet has unveiled a teaser confirming the debut of the new season of 2019.

Banana Culture Entertainment also announced the debut of TREI, their new group of kids.

FNC Entertainment is participating in the competition between women's groups with the launch of Cherry Bullet, their first group of girls in a long time since the AOA.

In addition to these groups, "ONEAM brother group of MAMAMOO" and "brother of group VIXX" VERIVERY also received positive responses from fans with their exciting debut on January 9.

The crowd is excited to see which starter groups will be at the top of the competition.

Which group are you excited to see in 2019?

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