Rhythm games are not much simpler and sweeter than Muse Dash


Rhythm games can be quite tricky, twisting players' fingers as they try to control four to six tracks, each with a brutal barrage of notes. ButPeroGames' Muse Dash has all the peculiarity and charm of a DJMax or Superbeat: Xonic, but controls with just two buttons.

Already a success on iOS and Android, Muse Dash arrives at Switch and PC on June 20, bringing an eclectic mix of over 80 songs for players to play. Each song is presented as a side scrolling action game. On the Switch, tapping a button on the left Joy-Con hits the enemies traveling in the upper range, while the buttons on the right side attack the lower lane. There are notes that require players to hold a button for the duration and the strange enemy that must be attacked by quickly pressing the buttons on each side. The boss characters appear once or twice per stage, but mostly serve as a different way the notes appear on the screen.

For fans of more frenetic pace action, there are three levels of difficulty to be unlocked for each track, but there is plenty of room for the challenge to increase when there are only two tracks to play. Experienced rhythm players can be left out, or they may feel pleased by the chance to play a little more leisurely. It's cool to gain levels and unlock songs, alternate clothes and supporting characters that offer benefits like temporary invincibility or damage reduction to the three protagonists of the game, Rin, Buro and Marija.

If you've ever wanted to explore the joyous world of rhythmic games, but you're scared of the complexity, Muse Dash is the perfect game for you. The selection of songs is wonderful, ranging from cheerful J-pop to dubstep hard and fast. The characters are adorable, charming or slightly daring, depending on the costume they are wearing.

There is depth to Muse Dash. Putting together the right combination of costumes and ancillary characters can make a big difference in harder songs with bigger difficulties. But mostly there is a lot of simple musical fun and with anime touches.


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