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shazam post credit scenes
Shazam presents two post-credit scenes.

After Marvel Cinematic Universe films began to fit into short scenes after the film's credits, other studios and franchises also embraced that trend. Each MCU movie has at least one of these scenes, often serving a genuine purpose, such as a teaser for a future movie or just for fun (such as the Avengers Shawarma scene).

DC's rivals also included post-credit scenes for their DC Extended Universe or DCEU, though not all movies. Christopher Nolan vetoed on Man of Steel and Patty Jenkins & # 39; Wonder Woman did not have it, perhaps because it was largely an independent film. All other movies, although they have had those.

Shazam is no exception. There are two scenes that are in the post-credits of the film. Here's what they mean.

The first of them is set in Dr. Thaddeus Sivana, who is in prison after all the confusion regarding his mission to snatch the powers of Shazam. Sivana is frantically scribbling unsuccessfully on the prison wall to remember the arcane symbols that allowed her to open a portal to the Rock of Eternity.

He hears a laugh behind him. He looks back and sees a caterpillar like a creature. The creature underplays Sivana's attempts to regain her power and says there is more than one way to gain magical powers. The creature then suggests an alliance between the two to fight Billy Batson / Shazam together.

"Oh, what fun we're going to have together!" He says.

The comic series Shazam of 2013 also finished of similar form, the difference being that Sivana was free and was not in the prison.

The creature in question is Mister Mind, one of the main enemies of Billy Batson, who has been a part of Shazam folklore almost from the beginning.

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We can safely say that it will be part of the sequence. If you want to know what a creature that looks like a caterpillar can do to someone like Shazam, Mister Mind (a name given to him by Sivana) is a mutant worm from another reality with powers like telepathy, telekinesis, and genius level intellect . And he is a worm, which is itself a villainous power.

Shazam's second post-credits scene has Freddy helping Shazam discover the power of talking to fish. Shazam is holding an aquarium with goldfish inside it. He asks a few questions to see if he will receive an answer.

When there is no response, Shazam becomes frustrated and asks Freddy when the conversation with fish proves useful. Freddy on answer points for his t-shirt that has the Aquaman movie logo.

Freddy is basically speechless, recognizing the events in James Wan's Aquaman in his universe. Is there more to it?


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