PHL Malditas will start 2020 Olympic Qualifier offer


PH Malditas
The Filipino national women's national football team could see the 2020 Olympic Asian football qualifiers in Tajikistan. – PHILIPPINE FOOTBALL FEDERATION

The issue for the Olympic Games in the Philippines for the National Women's Football Association in the Philippines started on Sunday in one of the Asian qualifiers in Tajikistan.

By the 2018 Football Association of the Philippines and the Athletics Association of the University of the Philippines, most of the teams in the Philippine Football Association, Malditas are hoping to perform the Olympic hopes from 4 to 13 November until the next round alive.

The Philippines is part of Group A, between Singapore, Tajikistan, Mongolia and China Taipei.

The championship form looks at the winners in the four groups, the second place and the second best third place team.

Malditas opened their Singapore campaign today.

The team of Philippine team is the goalkeeper: Inna Palacios, Nicole Reyes and Kimberly Parina; Ivy Lopez, Hannah Pachejo, Hali Long, Analou Amita, Alesa Dolino, Patricia Tomanon and Mea Bernal; midfielders Katyleen Rodriguez, Irish Navaja, Hazel Lustan, Sara Castaneda, Charise Lemoran, Kyla Inquig and Patrice Impelido; and performers: Shelah Cadag, Martie Bautista and Alisha Delcampo.

Coach coach Marnelli Dimzon and Gerald Orcullo and Melo Sabacan coaches assisted team coach Prescila Rubio. Team manager Jefferson Cheng, team leader Lalaine Bautista, president of the PFF Women's Football Committee and Secretary-General of Quezon-Battings RFA.

"The PLO wants the Philippines Women's National Team to achieve the best in the 1st round of the Asian Qualifiers of the 2020 Olympic Football League," said EPP Secretary-General Edwin Gestates.

"This is the second time that the team travels to Tajikistan for a qualifier and we hope they will perform well for the second round," he added.

Malditas is fishing for the ÁFC Women's Asian Cup of Jordan in 2018 last April and the AFF Women's Championship 2018 Palembang in July last year.

After Singapore yesterday, the Philippines team faces Tajikistan on November 8, on November 11 in Mongolia and on November 13, China-Taipei.

If Malditas succeeds in the next round, the game starts in April 2019. Michael Angelo S. Murillo


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