PANAY Electric Co. (PECO), the sole power distributor in Iloilo City, retaliated with its rival company, MORE Electric & Power Corp. days after the latter criticized the company led by Cacho for allegedly blackmailing the consumers of the city of Iloilo.

"By continuing its railroad strategy in the Senate as they did in Congress, MORE Electric & Power Corporation (a former mining company) is threatening the energy reliability of the city of Iloilo," PECO said in an interview.

PECO President Luis Miguel Cacho assured the Ilonggo community that "we will definitely continue to operate as much as we can because we love our fellow Ilonggos and we will not leave the city of Iloilo."

PECO legal adviser, Inocencio Ferrer, clarified his previous statement on the expiration of the PECO congressional franchise in January 2019.

"CEEC will definitely want to serve consumers in the city of Iloilo and do not want to stop operations. However, if there is no franchise and the government, by means of the rule of law, does not allow the PECO to operate realistically, the PECO will not be able to operate despite its genuine intention to meet the energy distribution needs of the city of Iloilo "Ferrer said.

PECO also reiterated that MORE Power only requested a franchise to distribute power in Iloilo City in August 2018, while the PECO applied in July 2017 still.

"If they wanted all the time to distribute energy and serve the Ilonggos properly, why not apply much earlier and show the Ilonggos what their plans are for the city of Iloilo? Why so late in the application, railroad the committee of procedures in the House and the Senate, and pressure Iloilo City, with so little time for a period of transition, "added PECO.

PECO also criticized MORE Power's statement that they are blackmailing Iloilo City by threatening an energy crisis.

He said he was merely "stating the reality of the issue that MORE Power brought to the city of Iloilo through its hasty procedures and the serious lack of proper planning."

"MORE comes out of nowhere and the people of Iloilo City do not even know who and what they are, especially since they were a mining company for the longest time. Who, then, is threatening Iloilo City? ", Added PECO.

PECO also reached MORE Power's plan to expropriate PECO's assets unconstitutional if they can not buy PECO assets.

"This is very worrying because it establishes a precedence of unconstitutionality regarding the acquisition of private property that is against the constitutional rights of the PECO, its stakeholders and all the citizens of this country. If they can do that for the CEEC, they certainly will be able to do so for many other Ilonggos in the city of Iloilo, since they are showing their true colors of how they operate, "added the distribution company.


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